Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 years of Music Therapy...

John Michael has been fortunate to have the same music therapist since he began in June 2008. 
He was only 7 months old when he began and would sit either in my lap or in a Boppy.  By September that year (see above photo), he was sitting unassisted and really enjoying music therapy, still needing hand-over-hand assistance while working on strengthening his left arm which he didn't use as much. 

It's so funny to see photos of him back then... he was so chunky!

Today, two years later, he greets Carly at the door, sits down and is ready to play. 
The triangle makes some cool sounds...

The tick tock block sounds cool, too, but mostly he likes to stick the mallet into the hole.  He still loves the rainbow scarves and says "Ben bow" for rainbow, but his repertoire has expanded greatly since the early sessions.  He loves the Slippery Fish song and The Wheels on the Bus..., playing instruments, imitating sounds, anticipating movements and words, and all the sounds that go with music.

I cannot say enough about Music Therapy and its importance for John Michael's learning.  It works on fine motor, gross motor, coordination, vocal imitation, blowing horns and harmonicas, listening skills and so much more.

Here, he's signing "LOVE" for "The Daddy on the bus says, "I love you."

Just last week, he said "Vuv Yoo" as he was waving to me while his babysitter was taking him and Greta for a ride in the wagon.  My heart just melted!

Here's another Music Therapy favorite.  Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?
The music therapy interns embellished each page of the book with fur, feathers, yarn, curly hair, etc., to make a very cool touch and feel book.  I've already promised our  Ds Sisterhood that we would get together to make one of these for our kiddos, too.  Soooo  fun!

Last year, funding for Music Therapy services were cut so we had to either quit or opt for private pay.  It has been well worth the money and definitely John Michael's most anticipated therapy that carries over into our everyday lives.

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  1. This is awesome, thanks for sharing! Don't know if we could afford a music therapist, but we have a houseful of musicians, so I'll have to start "employing" them! ;)

  2. They have talked about getting music therapy where I take Ruby.I hope they do.She would love it.

  3. Id love to see the entire bookand the embelishments....maybe another post idea???

  4. We love music therapy too. Definitely one of Luke's favourites and has had an impact on the older kids too. Has enriched our whole family :)

  5. I love the book idea...I'm going to do that with some of our books!

  6. This is one of the therapies I really wish we had available. I'd be happy to pay for it, but there isn't anyone in our area that does it...

  7. so cute! I love all of the older pics of JM! THOSE CHEEKS!

    We love MT too and I really think it is WELL worth the $$.

  8. I am a lover of music and i see your post its a very beautiful and your pic also beautiful thanks