Monday, August 23, 2010

Lithia Park in Ashland, OR

Ashland, Oregon, is only about 75 minutes north of Mt. Shasta, CA, where my parents live.
It's a gorgeous Shakespearean / college town just north of the California/Oregon border.

John Michael had a blast at Lithia Park. Can you tell what was his favorite thing to do?

Nic and Greta "chilling out" by the stream.

Anna and Greta doing the same.

I sometimes wonder if the kids will still be close when they're grown up.  I can only hope this is a glimpse in to the future.  And it's moments like these that make my heart smile!

Nic, Anna, and Greta enjoyed it, too. Here they are outside the Shakespearean theatre courtyard waiting to hit the local ice cream shop.
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  1. Yes, I too hope my kids will get along as adults. Is there some formula to make that happen?

  2. Oh wow, I didn't know you were visiting Oregon! We are in Corvallis, are you coming further North at all? I agree, Ashland is beautiful:)