Friday, August 6, 2010

Feet and Food -- "JM-style"

Feet, feet... wonderful feet.  Oh, the many, many feet you meet...
(I know, I'm starting to sound like a Seuss book, but really, there are so many different kinds of feet, even amongst my own children.) 

Nic has seriously huge (size 13!), flat feet, great for swimming; Anna has strong soccer and tennis feet; Greta has gymnastics feet that can kick high with a graceful arch; Luke has long, slim baby feet.  But John Michael has the softest, chubbiest feet with short toes, a cute little sandal gap AND a Simean crease to boot!  I LOVE this boy's feet.  I must kiss his bare feet at least once a day.  Like other parts of his body... his neck, his cheeks, his arms... they are so soft and smooth.  Like butter, only better  :-)
Now for the food...  Greta has taught John Michael the fine art of dining al fresco and nibbling on all kinds of "seasonal", plastic fruit.  I love how well they play together and the role-playing she teaches him.  Here, he's showing off his pot of fruit while holding a fork in his teeth.  Yes, he knows how to eat properly with a fork, but he sure can be funny sometimes.  I love his crossed legs, too.  The ultimate in relaxation.

Ooooh, a juicy strawberry!  (minus the juice and the mess!)

I will seriously miss having Greta here every morning to play with John Michael as she prepares for her Kindergarten career next week.  I guess I'll have to start eating more plastic fruit and dining al fresco while barefoot.  OR better yet, we'll need to invite some of his buddies to come play.  Sounds like a plan...
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  1. I was wondering if babies with Ds had a simean crease on their feet! I thought it was just on the palms of their hands and Russell doesnt have one there, but I have always noticed on Russells feet there was one very deep crease!
    My little one starts kindergarten this year too :(

  2. I love Williams feet and soft back of his neck too!

  3. Monica he is getting so stinkin big!! But those are great feet. I so have a thing for sweet chubby feet. They are definitely kissable!

  4. I had never heard of the simian crease on the foot either?!! You'll have to take a pic of that!

    And yes, I think you should start having JM's friends come over in the mornings ;)
    That sounds like a plan!

  5. Sheridan would love to partake :)

  6. My kids would love to partake too!!! Just that every single morning is booked with therapy for the two....except for Friday mornings :)!!!! We will definitely plan on visiting on some Fridays in the fall :)

  7. I didn't know about the foot either! Now I need to look at Justin's feet! Darling pictures!

  8. Just snuck into Annelies's room with a flashlight to look at her feet. No simean crease but a great excuse to kiss them once again.