Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So much wisdom...from a pre-teen with Ds

Who wouldn't love this face?  :-) 

I love this!  Here is a link to a blog article you've gotta read! 

It's about a pre-teen boy who says he has Down syndrome only sometimes... 

So much wisdom...


  1. Thanks for sharing that Monica- Dave is so awesome. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak many years ago and it's such a treat to keep up with his blog now!

  2. Thank you for posting that link...I am just in tears right now. I know I am starting to see a few delays in Russell when it comes to how strong he is and when he reaches milestones...But his mind is still a mystery to me. I find I still wonder at how his mind works or how it may be different..because I just dont see it yet. I think Russell is super smart, and funny, and a very social little guy. I guess I just wonder sometimes down the road what Down syndrome is going to mean in our lives and especialy for Russell. This link made me so happy, it really did...made me see how Ds might not be that big of a deal to any of us.
    I'm so glad I read that, thank you :)