Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Greta with our "Little Firecracker."
Happy 1 month old, Luke!

Two more of my favorite guys. John Michael (with Daddy) making his way to the slide.


John Michael giving Luke a quick, slobbery kiss on the head.

How are you spending your Indepedence Day?

Nic and Anna are in Mt. Shasta City with my parents (LUCKY!).  The small town at the base of the 14, 162 ft volcano has a population of about 3,500, but 5,000 people from all over participate in the annual 4th of July Run/Walk!.  There's also a small town parade and fireworks over Lake Siskiyou.  We wish we could be there this year, but I wasn't ready to travel with a newborn.

We are trying to stay cool here in the valley. We partcipated in a neighborhood parade this morning, with bikes and strollers and dogs decorated for the occasion while a few senior citizens sat at the curb outside their homes cheering us on.  How is it that I didn't get any photos?!?!  We ended up in the park where I snapped a couple shots, but still couldn't manage to get everyone together at the same time.

At 99 degrees today, we're doing our best to stay cool, but that's nothing compared to the temperature in Afghanistan where my brother-in-law was deployed just a couple weeks ago for his second Middle East tour of duty. He says it's "only" 110 degrees, so it's not too bad, yet!

I just want to say, I'm grateful for his service to our country and the huge sacrifice of him being away from his wife and my darling 3 year old nephew for the next year. Freedom comes with a price and I just want to say "Thank You to all our Troops!"

Happy Independence Day!


  1. A VERY big Thank You to our Troops! Love the picture of JM kissing Luke. :)

  2. Happy Independence day to you too, Monica! Without people like your Brother in Law, we certainly would not have the freedon we have, and I am grateful. Love your pictures, and hope to see you soon!!

  3. sounds like a nice relaxing day

  4. Happy day...i am loving the lix of John Michael and are looking GREAT!! smiles

  5. I agree with your thank you to the troups. I could not do what they do and I am forever grateful for their willingness to fight for our freedom.

    Your pictures are wonderful! Love the kiss! And you can tell Greta loves 'firecrackers'! So sweet!

  6. What handsome men and a VERY adorable redhead you have in your life! Glad you had a mellow/somewhat cool 4th!