Thursday, July 9, 2009

More John Michael firsts (Golden Arches)... and "Roses"

OK, this isn't exactly something I'm proud of, but I guess it's a big milestone in typical American households.

John Michael ate his first order of Chicken McNuggets and french fries.

This isn't his first time eating french fries -- he actually likes this vegetable (wink). And he likes cheeseburgers. But I've tried chicken nuggets before and he just tossed them on the floor. Yesterday, I was super busy shuffling my older kids to and from art camp and fire camp and I caved, I mean, went through the McD drive-thru. He ate 3 out 4. I guess you could say he liked them!

Another first... I taught him how to dip his fries into ketchup. I think more ended up on the side of his chunky fist than on the fries, but he liked the process and the taste was a bonus.

Finally, I want to say... what's up with the toys in Happy Meals? I mean, this toy literally does nothing, except that the acorn in its pouch goes up and down. The look on John Michael's face should tell you how exciting this is. This was actually Greta's toy, but she passed it on to her little brother. When Nic and Anna were little, we used to say, "No, thank you," to fast food toys. The cashiers usually looked at us as though we were denying our children. Sometimes the kids would look for other kids in the restaurant and give them their unopened toys. Seeing this toy yesterday reminded me that that's not a bad thing to go back to.

If you're interested, I posted a photo that I edited with a new tool in my toolbox.

Lesson 4 of's "Photo Editing: Frame-ups and Special Effects" class taught us how to use clipping masks.

I used a photo of roses from my garden and applied a grunge clipping mask to it. The photo conforms to the clipping mask, giving it a grungy, worn look. I think I'll use this again and again.


  1. Yeah, those toys can get pretty rotten. Sometimes you get a good one. You should ask about the toddler toys, sometimes they're better. Sometimes you just gotta have a chicken mcnugget!

  2. oh my JM looks like he loved his meal and the toy! Your day 4 photo is beautiful!

  3. Wow! good for him eating chicken nuggets and fries like a big boy!! Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. I'm going to have Matthew try the food that JM likes. :-) Ground up of course...

  4. These photos are beautiful, he's absolutely adorable! Looks like he really enjoyed that meal (and the prize that came with it) :)

  5. That is why I refuse to buy Happy Meals anymore -- the toys are junk and I end up throwing them away in less than a week. I find it easier for the kids to split a double cheeseburger meal....Not that I am a McDonald's expert ;)

  6. Chicken mcnuggets are our biggest bribe food for Adam!!! Adam won't eat fries (wish I could say the same!!) Adorable pictures (as always!!)!! Adam is only allowed to "earn" Macdonald's once a week and then he eats a 10 piece chicken nuggets (yes, 10!!) with BBQ sauce, this is his FAVORITE reward!!!!!

  7. Mmmmm... tasty! And I'm so impressed with all the photo-editing techniques you're doing!

  8. gabby's first taste of real "tabke food" was a chicken nugget...and she loved it, lol!

  9. Mmmm, chicken nuggets, one of my favorites too.
    I've noticed the toys are going downhill too. They usually end up on the floor of the car.

  10. once again your photos just crack me up! the one of him looking at the "toy" (and I use that term loosely) is a scream. i can't wait to give fries to Nate and teach him to dip in catsup! The idea never occurred to me before-thanks for the tip, even though you prolly didn't mean it! cute, cute, always

  11. Monica, it's very important that we introduce children to American food culture. LOL (and I'd let Micah eat just that for the rest of his life if he would eat one fry this year, but I digress).
    just to let you know, you can ask for toys for kids under age 3. Most of them roll.