Friday, July 24, 2009

Garden Art Girls

Anna and Greta love to create. Painting rocks for garden art is something we've always done. It's fun, colorful and lasts for many years, especially if you seal it with a clear coat. Sometimes, we choose larger smooth river rocks from the nature trail behind our house to make paper weights, door stoppers and teacher gifts. Today, they felt like making flowers, butterflies, trees and dragonflies.

The creative process.

Arranging the petals into a beautiful flower.


  1. So awesome! They look fantastic!

  2. So simple and adorable - -I love it! I'll file this one away for a fun project with my girls : )

  3. I am so doing this with my kids! Beautiful creations your little artists made!

  4. Pretty! What a neat way to brighten up the garden!

  5. Hm, must remember to do this when Jope is a little bit older! Good idea mrs art teacher!

    Greetings from Holland