Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Curiosity -- Lesson 2 on Brushes

I can't get this photo out of my head. I love the intent look of curiosity on John Michael's face.

In Lesson 2 (at www.jessicasprague.com), I learned how to use brushes (like stamps) in Photoshop and to easily change colors to match those found in my photo using the eyedropper tool. The frame and word art are colors taken from the wings of the butterfly.

Rather than cropping out the docent's hand, I decided to use a frame brush to accentuate and draw the eye in to my (adorable) subject. (Of course I'm biased!) Check out the gallery at jessicasprague.com for more inspiration.


  1. you did such a nice job, I love it! You are so good at this!

  2. Amazing! I think you need to start teaching us lessons :) And I just LOVE that look on JM's face... "got to get that butterfly!"

  3. I LOVE this photo!! And the look on JM's face as he's reaching out to the butterfly is just precious. By the way, I love the new photo on your blog header too!!