Thursday, April 30, 2009

Welcome, Mr. Finn'agin!

Thank you for your notes of sympathy for Mr. Fins. He really is in a better place since wherever he is (or isn't), he certainly isn't being overfed :-)

So, let me introduce our newest family member, Mr. Fins II, better known as "Mr. Finn'agin".

With the kids being home all week due to the Swine Flu hitting four students at our school, we've had to come up with some ideas to keep things fun around here. On Monday, we visited the pet store to see if they had a new shipment of Bettas.

There were so many beautiful colors to choose from. At first, we looked for a Betta to resemble Mr. Fins, i.e., same color and type, but this guy was so friendly and beautifully colored that we chose him. He swims toward the kids' fingers and shows off his glorious reddish pinkish fins for us.

Today, Day 4, he's still alive and active. The kids fed him his second meal of 3 pellets (twice a week!), and while we were at the bookstore this morning, he munched away the first 2.

Here's hoping we'll have Mr. Finn'agin for a long(er) time!
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  1. He looks pretty! Hope it goes better with #2

  2. LOL!!! I LOVE his name, I actually did laugh out loud when I read that!! Good Luck, he or she is a very beautiful fish!!

  3. Oh dear! Whoops! Liking Mr Finn'agin- hope he has a better fate than poor old mark 1!