Saturday, April 4, 2009

First Bike Ride!

I love riding bikes with the family along the American River bike trail. The trail is shared by serious cyclists flying by with their colorful jerseys, joggers, dog walkers, and casual riders like us. Whenever we have a new baby in the family, though, we have to put family bike rides on hold until the newest member can safely sit in the seat on the back of my bike, or ride in the bike trailer.

Well, John Michael made his debut in the bike trailer today alongside big sis, Greta.

As the six of us headed out to the river, it didn't take but 5 minutes before he fell asleep. He missed all the sights, sounds and smells that accompanied us on our ride -- the purple wildflowers, the sweet smell of fennel, black butterflies flitting from bush to bush, ducks and seagulls sailing in the water, bluebirds flying from tree to tree, swallows swooping over the river, dogs on leashes, wild turkeys in the meadow, and the cutest little pug being petted by everyone down by the river's edge. After a 40 minute ride and a small detour to a kayak launching pad, we rounded the corner to Starbucks. (Yes, wildlife and nature mixed with suburban convenience.) John Michael woke up and enjoyed the sunshine and shared Jamba Juice with his siblings while Doug and I pumped ourselves up with some dark roast coffee. The ride home lasted no more than 10 minutes, but he enjoyed every minute of it. Yay, we're mobile again!
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  1. Oh happy day!! YaY! Looks like so much fun...just look at their faces! I'm so's still so cold here in Wisconsin!

  2. Oh what fun. I miss those days. My daddy used to put me on the back of his bike in a little seat.

  3. Sounds like such a nice bike ride and JM is so cute!

  4. I bet that was exciting for you to be able to ride again as a family! How cool!!

  5. LOL, I am just uploading videos of our bike ride we went on Friday, to put on my blog!!