Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting ready for Oliver!

The Artful Dodger and an unsuspecting Street Urchin
Practicing the art of pickpocketing...

My two older kids have to stay home this week due to a student at their school contracting the Swine Flu!

So to make the most of their time at home, we headed to our newest Goodwill store and scored some great pieces for the school musical, Oliver! Nick is playing the Artful Dodger and loving every minute of it. If you're not familiar with the story of Oliver Twist, Dodger is a young, skilled pickpocket. He was testing his newfound skills on his sister, Anna, an unsuspecting Street Urchin. John Michael and I were having fun watching them get in their roles.
On another note, John Michael has a terrible cold. His nose won't stop running and he absolutely HATES having his nose wiped or sucked out (I would, too). He's also coughing, fussy and isn't sleeping well at night. The doctor confirmed it's "just a cold," but I'd rather be safe than sorry with the Swine Flu here in the area. Here's hoping for a better night!
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  1. Hm, sounds familiar. Our Joep is also sneezing, coughing and waking up 2 times a night. He really had to get used to coughing, at first he was re3ally suprised. Get well soon!
    Gr Maud

  2. Hi! Thanks for finding us - I have enjoyed looking at your postings and your family is BEAUTIFUL! It is a lot to keep up with 4 kids... I am the oldest of 4 (all 2 yrs apart). I loved seeing the pictures of John Michael signing... I can't wait for Whitney to start signing back... we are only working on milk, mama, dada, eat, and 'all done' for right now - but I can tell she is watching us very closely when we show her these signs.
    How fun that you were able to connect with other moms who live close by for a playdate... I have been following Jennifer's blog and we actually have made arrangements for Whitney and Joaquin's wedding :) Hope you guys are having a good week so far - how long will your kids be home from school. I hope the child at school with Swine Flu is getting better!!!!

  3. Hope he is feeling better soon. great photos!

  4. Love the pictures!!! How exciting for John Michael to get to watch his older siblings prepare for their mucsical!! fun! SO, glad it's only a cold, we will keep your family in our prayers!!!!

  5. Hope he is feeling better soon. Have you tried a vaporiser in his room for the cold? I got one this autumn for Luke, and I'm sure it helps stop it going to his chest :)

  6. Oh gosh!!! I wish you all well vibes....stay away swine flu!!!!

  7. The Artful Dodger?!? That's a big role. congrats! The swine flu is moving towards us, it is one city south at this point. Stay healthy! I agree with Mel, we have two humidifiers in our house. It always seems like more than one person gets sick at a time and humidifiers are sooo helpful!

  8. GREAT costumes!

    I am sorry to hear someone at their school has that dreaded swine flu...scary!

    Hope John Michael is feeling better soon!

  9. The photos are wonderful! John Michael is beyond handsome! Keep an eye out for sinus infections, btw. Samantha had a cold that just didn't seem to go away and it turned out that it had become an infection. Then I got it. LOL