Friday, March 27, 2009

Feeling Sentimental... It's all in a name.

I was taking a walk with John Michael and our dog, Mitzi, this morning on the nature trail behind our house. The planes and helicopter were buzzing overhead, the finches were flitting and chirping in the old oaks, the cat was slyly following us and ducking behind each tree along the way, and the sun was bright and cheery, warming us in its glow. Perfect for feeling sentimental.

I've often thought of why we called our little guy John Michael. Always by both names, not just one.

When I was pregnant with him, we called him Thomas for the longest time. But in my 8th month, Thomas just didn't feel right. John Michael, two very strong Biblical names, and also the 2 first names of Doug's brother and mine, we knew it was the right name. The only problem was that we'd named a baby I'd miscarried before JM was conceived by the same name. We don't know if it was a girl or boy, but the kids and I wanted to honor the little soul with a name. I came to terms with the idea of naming our newest little guy with this powerful name and I'm so glad we did.

His name means "God's grace" and "One who is like God". With a double name like that, who wouldn't agree that John Michael's life is nothing but filled with God's grace and he radiates that grace to those around him? There is no doubt that he is a gift from God and since God makes no mistakes, I know he was intended to be born with that extra set of 21st chromosomes. Bonus genes. Designer genes. Heavenly genes.

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  1. What a lovely post and he has a beautiful name!

  2. Beautiful! I love mornings like that where life just surrounds you and everything is just right!

  3. Thank you for this post. I didn't know that John meant "God's Grace". Indeed it all is in name. ((HUGS)) from another mom blessed with a John.

  4. I have a friend whose husband and little boy are both named John Michael. There's something so complete about both names being used together. I didn't know about the meanings--that's wonderful.

  5. Truly a beautiful post!! I love the name John Michael.

  6. "Heavenly genes" I like that. Goes well with his gorgeous angel eyes.