Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Sisterhood 3 Year Anniversary-- Love and Friendship, all because of one extra chromosome...

April 5, 2009

L to R:  Sheridan (Lisa Lindsey), Gabby (Sheree Pham), John Michael (Monica Crumley, me) and Joaquin (Jennifer Sanchez)

I missed our anniversary by 20 days, but here's to celebrating 3 years of love and friendship, all because our little ones shared a common chromosome.

Little did we know that our play date would be the beginning of something amazing.  A bond of kinship, a Sisterhood, sometimes stronger than blood.  These moms "get it".  Our kids are all unique, but we all "get it". 

And one by one, the Sisterhood grew...
one precious chromosomally enhanced child at a time. 
John Michael and Gracie hit it off immediately!

Joey (on his tummy) melted everyone with his huge brown eyes.
(L to R:  Gracie, Joaquin, John Michael, Gabby, Joey, and Sheridan)
Our friendship continued to grow and was cemented even further when Jennifer Sanchez made the journey to adopt Sofia from the Ukraine, giving Joaquin a little sister with an extra chromosome.  The photo above is Jen's fairwell gathering before making the long journey to get Sofia.  (L to R:  Joaquin, Ainsley, Joey (tummy), John Michael, Christian (back), Sheridan and Annelies)

Since then, several more moms have stepped up to adopt a child (or two!) with Down syndrome.  These women have amazingly generous hearts and a love so deep, so humbling.

Many new sibling babies have also joined the group and more are on the way...

Sofia looks nothing like she did in her orphanage!  Isn't it amazing what love and care do for our little ones?

Here, my chubby Luke is checking out Christopher, another of John Michael's buddies.
Annelies peaking out from behind John Michael at Bishop's farm last fall.

(Gracie and John Michael last fall...)

The beauty of the Sisterhood, which is now over 80 moms strong, is that no matter what you're going through, whether it's a rough patch, a medical issue, a milestone celebration, an IEP question, or just need to vent or share, we are here for each other.  We care about each other and want our kids to make a positive impact on our society.  With moms like these in the Sisterhood, the Sacramento region has no choice but to make way for a new breed of kids with Ds (and their moms!)  We are standing strong and will continue to support each other and educate those around us about Down syndrome and our amazing kids. 
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  1. I am so grateful and PROUD of our Sisterhood! Thanks for an amazing three years!


  2. Really loved reading that and seeing all the pictures!


  3. This is amazing I cant wait till my family is able to more participate and hopefully we as a group can branch out further.Thak you from all of us in the Berg Family for inviting us in!!!

  4. Melts my heart to think about what we started, and how amazing it has been... and will CONTINUE TO BE!!! Happy anniversary, sweet sister :)

  5. how wonderful to have such a big group. I know I love the moms in our group...we all "get" each other

  6. Love that you guys have this group. It has been fun to watch the kids all grow up together!

  7. Jen Varanini sanchezApril 26, 2012 at 6:06 PM

    Monica!!!! What a beautiful post and tribute. Love love love love! I feel so amazingly blessed to have my sisters. Xoxoxo

  8. Happy Anniversary beautiful Sisters!! I feel so blessed to be part of this amazing group!

    One of the pictures on the blanket it is Ainsley not Chloe. I did a double take because Ainsley did look so much like Chloe:). xoxo Laura Beth

  9. Wonderful pictures, wonderful kids, wonderful moms!

  10. I always love hearing about your fabulous group!