Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do...

John Michael loves to copy whatever his siblings are doing, which has aided greatly in his learning.

Here, he's filling a piggy bank with loose change for a local charity. Very good for fine motor skills. The coins are small and hard to grasp, and the hole is just a slit not much wider than a quarter, not to mention it's good for his concentration, too.

Another skill he's picked up is building with Duplo Lego's. He used to just stack and stack, but now he seems to be building out a bit as well. He's discovering more ways to build and design. I LOVE Lego's. He also plays with the Lego animals and cars.

This is a funny photo and doesn't do it justice... He's talking on a play phone making his fake laughing sounds while pulling the "barking" dog. It was soooo funny, but I didn't get a great shot. He was obviously mimicing Greta who has lengthy (pretend) conversations on the phone all the time.

And finally, I caught John Michael learning the fine art of making funny faces from Greta after sharing a pretzel snack.

I love all the learning that goes on, even when I'm not actively teaching him anything in particular. Life is full of opportunities for learning, you just have to open your eyes to recognize it.
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  1. I love the benefits of having older siblings

  2. Older siblings are the best!

    I'm looking forward to the jewelry party! Thank you so much for helping us bring Liam home! I am bringing my mom, grandma and two daughters. I have friends who can't make it, but want a catalog.

    Blessings to you!

  3. Oh, I just LOVE the picture of JM and Greta making faces...just adorable! Siblings are the best :)

  4. The picture of JM and Greta is just PRICELESS!!! So sweet. He's such a little angel.

  5. Love it! Christopher is the same way. The girls love making him make funny faces or silly sounds, and he eats it up. Even though it's not a great shot, I can totally picture him walking the dog and talking on the phone. How cute!! I love the big duplo base. I need one like that!

  6. You are so right: there are learning opportunities all around us. Taking advantage of them not only teaches new skills, but offers up new memories as well!

    Tammy and Parker

  7. Sibling are such amazing teaches for eachother. I know Brennan learns so much from his siblings and I'm pretty sure Brennan is teaching them, as John Michael is, too!

  8. Just wanted to pop by again and say that it was NOT your sweet picture of Greta and JM that triggered me (that's an adorable photo by the way!)...I saw a picture of an 9 or 10 year old boy on Facebook that a friend of mine posted crossing his eyes and sticking his tongue out and it just wasn't cute or funny looking to me at all. It's something that I've thought about for a long time....and I just thought I would share it to be honest about all the different feelings that come and go...just being real! Thanks for you sweet comment. xo

  9. Gosh, that last picture is awesome. There's so much love, and life, and beauty there.