Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MOMS! -- Introducing the "Whine-erator"

This could be the invention of the century!

Kids making too much noise? Baby still fussing after you've met all his needs? Have you heard, "Mooooooommmmmm" followed by whining one too many times? Can't hear yourself think? Need a little quiet but still need to keep an eye on things?

Then you need the Whine-erator! Guaranteed to take you to a place of peace and calm, at least in the sound department. "Sorry, Sweetie, I can't hear you," will be your new mantra.

Order now. Limited quantity. You deserve some peace today :-)


  1. I'll take a dozen :)

    Do you still have the information you talked about last year on ds. I am working on a power point for the girls' school and I am in need of ideas. I remember your's was great.


  2. I hope you got a patent! :) xoxo

  3. You crack me up! Got any specials this month? I'll take 1 because I know I'll need it when the kids are older. LOL!!