Monday, September 13, 2010

Gold Rush Days -- Sacramento, CA, circa 1850

The Old School House, circa 1850, Sacramento, California.

Sacramento was "the" place in the 1850's for finding gold.  We spent Labor Day in Old Sacramento for Gold Rush Days where the streets of old town are covered in dirt and the only transportation to be seen is horse and carriage.  There are lots of shoot-outs and displays to see and things to do.  Here, we're in the old schoolhouse.  The boys in the front are in trouble for sitting on the girls' side of the classroom.  The one on the left looks remorseful.  The one on the right, well, he was taken out back and paddled.

These pioneer girls are enjoying the shade after braving harsh conditions and surviving the long journey from the east in a covered wagon.  They're smiling because they just had their first bath in months.

Here's that boy again.  Like I said, nothin' but trouble.  Playing Faro in the tent city.  The boy actually won the game and left with 21 chips.  He had some sasparilla and a bath, and paid for the girls to have a bath.  Perhaps he's a gent after all.

A woman making gorgeous lace using wooden bobbins.  Such an amazing skill.
The little prairie girl trying her best at tug-o-war.

This young man was trying his hand at "crack the whip."

A fine bunch. 
They posed while waiting for the steam locomotive to be filled with water.

I love how the girls enjoy dressing for historic days.  Nic used to, but he has outgrown everything we had for him.  We found Anna's dress at a thrift store earlier this year -- a Jessica McClintock Gunne Sax dress for $14.99.  I was so thrilled!  And Greta's outfit is something I'd bought for Anna on ebay several years back.  I love how she looks in it -- so cute.  I can't wait to see John Michael dressed as an old fashioned boy next year.


  1. You seem like the kind of people who would enjoy SWEET BETSY FROM PIKE, a novel about the gold rush by Sam Sackett.

  2. How neat=) Looks like it was a super fun time!! I cannot wait to see JM dressed as old fashioned boy next year either!!!

  3. oh how fun! JM is looking so grown up. Thanks again for your power point pres. I am working on one now for our school

  4. So cute Monica! Love how the kids get into it!!! :)

  5. I have that exact picture of inside the Old School House! Except, well, it's my kids sitting at the desks. :)