Monday, June 21, 2010

Random photos from Father's Day and 1st Day of Summer

Me and Luke (17 days old) this morning, the official first day of summer. Sacramento will hit 90 degrees today, which seems appropriate, especially after the unusually cooler weather we've been having.

Luke's message for today... "be happy."

Nicolas enjoyed holding the little munchkin yesterday (Father's Day).

John Michael and Greta (with Mitzi) are enjoying a juicy plum out front with Daddy on Father's Day.

I still need to get a photo of all the kids together and another of just John Michael with Luke.  John Michael is doing "OK" with the baby, but usually tries to sneak in a pinch after his gentle touches, so it's hard to get a good shot right now.  Otherwise, my funny boy (JM) is doing quite well and enjoying the day with his grandmother today.

I hope your Father's Day was wonderful and that the start of summer will be filled with lots of sunshine and fun.
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  1. Luke is so precious and Monica you look great!

  2. cute! I love the photo of Greta and JM eating their plums. It's so SUMMER!

    Luke is already getting so big, it seems! Cutie :)

  3. Great photos! And I see your ankles :)

  4. So cute! All of them! And you look marvelous!

  5. great pics! sorry to hear that john michael is sneaking in some "pinches" on poor little luke! I guess Luke will just be tougher because of his older brother? :) glad you guys had a good father's day weekend - enjoy the warm weather!!

  6. Sweet photos~Looks like a great Father's Day!

  7. Hi there! I can't believe I missed the announcement of baby Luke, life has been crazy! He is absolutely adorable! And you look GREAT! Looking back at your last few posts relaxed me. I'm getting so anxious about the arrival of Mr. #4 and looking at your happy house of 5 makes me feel optimistic and excited. So thank you! You have a beautiful family!

  8. great pictures. luke looks so big in his pictures but when nicolas is holding him he looks sooooo tiny!!!!! all your kids are cute!!