Monday, June 14, 2010

(Cheap) Summer Fun...

Summer has hit our region. Yesterday was our first mid-90's hot day and the kids were melting.
It's funny, but when you don't have a built-in swimming pool, the kids get creative.
Last weekend, the kids set up a homemade "Slip n Slide" on the front yard lawn that has a slight slope with tarps and a water hose running.  (Yes, I know it's wasteful... so we didn't let them do it for very long...) It also wasn't very smooth, so this didn't last very long. 
During the week, they begged to run through the sprinklers to cool off. John Michael wasn't a fan of spraying water hitting him at first, but with a little help from Greta and a bucket, he happily joined in the fun.
Yesterday, the kids reminded us that we still had an old plastic pool on the side of the house from last year. So they pulled it out, rinsed it, and filled it. John Michael didn't need any coaxing to get in this time. He kept saying "Baaah" (bath) and "Bubbles". And, yes, that bucket came in handy for dowsing big brother, Nic.
I don't know about you, but I don't think you have to spend lots of money to get some smiles like these. Just some good old-fashioned backyard fun.  What do you do for (cheap) fun?

And in case you wondering... my blog pause is finished. I just can't stay away for too long!
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  1. so glad you are back. Looks like fun...the kids always love the sprinkler.

  2. Glad you're back, Monica! We've got two kiddie pools, and have to get Sammi into the idea. Every time we bring one out, she gets upset. I think we just need to be persistent. *sigh*
    The kids look like they had a ball! Sprinklers are a great idea - must remember that, too. :-) Summer fun at our house usually involves staying in the air conditioning. Samantha's not much for the great outdoors, but again, that's our fault.

  3. Glad your back, I have been away for awhile as well, so busy. Love the cheap summer fun. If it would only get 90 here it would be a dream!! The first few weeks of the kids summer vacation has been rainy and cold.

  4. well, we have a built in pool but nothing can replace the fun you can have by running through some sprinklers!

  5. kiddie pools are such a blast for summer fun

  6. We broke out our inflatable kiddie pool too and it's been well used already! Our slip-n-slide is kaput after a couple of seasons, but sprinklers, buckets and some new masks and snorkels from Target are a big hit so far! We hit the fountains and The Fountains in Roseville on Sunday too, then on to Big Spoon for some yogurt! Mmm.
    Let's get the kids together for some fun this summer!

  7. Happy to have you back! And I'm all about the pool in the yard :) and if you ever need a change of pace we can head to the wading pool at Bertha Henschel - our neighborhood raised enough money to keep it open this summer!

  8. whew so glad you're back.
    i'm going to have to get my hands on a pool; believe it or not, i don't have one! lately though, Nate's "summer fun" has consisted of hanging out in the BASEMENT of ALL THINGS with big brother Andrew! Can you dig it? We have a drum kit and upright piano down there, and Nate loves playing the piano while Andrew drums! Sheesh so much for outdoor fun. GET ME A PLASTIC POOL....QUICK! (Actually, I love the sound of them playing together!)

  9. For the past couple of summers our kids have gotten creative with our backyard slide and kiddie pool. They place the pool at the end of the slide, fill with water, and use the sprinkler to keep the slide wet. I worry about wasting water too, so I don't let them do it all the time, but they sure do have fun with it!