Saturday, June 12, 2010

John Michael and Luke...

Peek-a-boo! Guess who?

John Michael, that's who!

John Michael... can you say "cheese?"
Poor In-n-Out hat didn't last very long, did it?

John Michael hasn't had much chance to be a big brother yet, since Luke is only 8 days old. It's been interesting to watch him, though. When Luke cries (the boy has some pteradactyl pipes!), John Michael comes over and signs "cry." He loves to feel Luke's hair and is very gentle with him... at first. But, a few times John Michael has patted Luke hard on the head, pinched his foot, or pulled his fingers. The whole time he does it, he looks right at my face to see my reaction. I think he's testing his limits and to see what's OK, and of course, it's not!

In general though, he's curious and interested in Luke. When Luke is sleeping, John Michael has signed and spoken a combination of three words together... he'll say "Baby", sign "sleep" and put his finger to his lips and say "shhhh". That's the most signs and words he's put together at one time, which is fantastic.  Lately, John Michael has been eager to try to label things around the home or outdoors or in books without prompting... usually with a word approximation or accompanied by a sign.  It's so encouraging, especially now that our therapies are done for the summer.

As for Luke, he's more alert and wide-eyed during the day. He loves to be held (what baby doesn't!) by all his family members and does pretty well at night, with usually one slightly longer awake period around 3 or 4am (ugh!), but Daddy takes over after I feed him.

We're finding our way in this new world of 5 children. It's been said many, many times, but I find that John Michael having Down syndrome was sooooo much easier as a baby than my typically-developing babies. Less crying for sure! I even remember John Michael only pooping once a week back then. Luke's plumbing works quite well, which means a whole lotta diaper changes throughout the day and night.

My mom was here all week helping with the transition.  Mostly, she helped John Michael pass the time by walking with him, taking him to the park, playing ball with him, or whatever he wanted to do.  She also held the baby so I could get my (fat!) feet up.  It was great to have her and I always hate to say good-bye.  Monday and Tuesday this next week I'll be solo unless I can get my respite gal to help. I'm totally nervous about that because it's impossible to nurse the baby while John Michael is wandering around, getting into trouble. Yesterday, Anna found him on her top bunk crying. Thank God he didn't fall or try to climb down by himself!  We'll eventually get into a routine and a rhythm... I just hope it comes sooner rather than later!

Luke signing off for now. 
Check out this guy's long fingers, arms and legs.  Future basketball player, perhaps?

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  1. Don't you just love the adjustment period? Sounds like you are doing just fine. Love the pictures, Luke is darling.

  2. Seriously! I think Luke is definitely going to be your big boy! Amazing! LOVE it! Good luck with the transition. You are amazing but if you need anything, please let us know and we are there! I'm home on Tuesday night!!! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, he is so long! I know the adjustment period may feel long or far off now, but trust me one day (in the very near future) you realize "this isn't so bad". JM will adjust and find things to do while your nursing...Landon loves to sit by me and have me read books to him....keeps his curious little body near by and we get in some good reading time. You'll also amaze yourself at what you can do while nursing! :)

  4. John Michael is such a ham! Love those photos. And Luke, my gosh, slim and long.. just beautiful! Take good care of yourself; I am amazed from afar :)

  5. Luke looks very "tall" already! glad john michael is doing well with him so far (with the exception of a couple of instances of "testing his limits") I love that he is signing about Luke and putting together 3 signs to form a complete thought!!! glad your mom has been able to come help out - best of luck this week when you are on your own, i am sure it will go very well...

  6. So good to hear things are going well.
    Luke won't be in that bassinet for long!!

  7. Wow, Luke's a real cutie!! He's got those beautiful eyes like you and the rest of your family!

    I'm so glad things are getting settled. I hope you can get some help next week. I remember how impossible it seemed to me just with one baby during my maternity leave!! You're supermom, though, and all will be well. :-)

  8. congrats again!!! been on vacation for awhile and am trying to catch up on things. i can't get over how tall luke is!!! he is beautiful and so glad the wait is finally over. ;)

  9. I love that JM is putting words and signs together. Claire is my first, but I dont think she cries much at all. But her bowels work like Luke's. Lots of diaper changes!