Friday, February 5, 2010

Our Growing Family... Enjoy Your Weekend!

Last Sunday we got a nice break in the weather to take a 2 mile loop nature hike along the American River near our home. The lush green grass, cool river breeze and blue sky dotted with white, puffy clouds was good for my soul and my brain.
This fence always cracks me up. It says "No Trespassing", which our family technically was doing by standing on that side of the fence. But that's what's so funny. There's just his lone gate, long abandoned by any semblance of a fence attached to it. How on earth do they keep anything out?
Below... our growing family...
A couple walking by offered to take our photo.
Yes, we're growing by another member, but really, I am amazed at how much my kids have grown this year!
Nicolas is now officially taller than me, although in this photo he's standing at a slight incline. I'm about 5'7" and, at age 12 1/2, Nic is just under 5'8".  It's strange to look eye-to-eye, but he still knows height doesn't replace authority. :-)  Anna and Greta are also tall for their age, and John Michael is relatively tall according to the Down syndrome growth chart... thanks to Doug's genes I'm sure. I'm not getting taller, just rounder at 22 weeks today.
This is such a cool place... so natural and serene. This huge tree must've fallen down 15 years ago or so. I can't remember it ever not being there. And by the well-worn path going under and around the tree, it's clear that many people besides us have stopped to enjoy the view and, perhaps, a climb.
I hope you find time to enjoy your weekend with the ones you love, too.
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  1. so funny about the fence. love it great photos. looks so lovely there. happy weekend!

  2. What a beautiful place to spend time together! Precious little family you have!

  3. Hi Monica!
    I want to take my kids on a hike this weekend...where is this? I'm so ready for some outdoor time!

  4. I LOVE the family photos! Your family is beautiful! What a great time together you can tell you had! Hope you are feeling well!

  5. Monica, I just love looking at these wonderful pictures of your family! What beautiful scenery. The one of your whole family is just awesome! I think outdoor photos like these are just the very best. I will never forget the first photo I saw of Andrew and I when it became clear to me that he was taller than me! I commented on it myself, too! It is strange to see your first born eye to eye, isn't it?? That was when he turned 13 (last year) and now, ((sniff)) he has truly surpassed me, and I look up to him! Loved your post too...beautiful!

  6. Those are great photos and I love the fence story. Too funny!

  7. such beautiful pics. i am dying for there to be a break in the weather here. i've got cabin fever bad. i really love all the pics, but part of me can't help but think..."man if henry were on my back like john michael is on his dad's, i'd buckle!" haha. your hubbie must have a strong back!

  8. Monica,
    The pictures are great. Hope you are feeling well! We will talk soon:)! Andrea

  9. Great pictures! They HAVE grown so much!