Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh, Play Doh!

Greta was playing with Play Doh, so I thought I'd see what the little Mr. would do with it.

At first, he didn't want to touch it. Then, I made "spaghetti" and "worms" with it and taught him how to roll it with the rolling pin.

Shortly after, I introduced the wavy cutter and he was sort of getting it.

I was so proud of him for NOT eating the Play Doh. And then it happened...

He took a bite out of one of the "worms" and it was over. Fortunately, the stuff is non-toxic and tastes horrible, so hopefully that will motivate him not to eat it next time.

Has anyone else tried Play Doh?

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  1. Just couldn't resist! Honestly I love the smell, I would absolutely try it if I was a kid.

  2. How fun is that!? My girls play with play doh often... but he's not quite sure of the texture yet. He'll poke at it a little, but that's it for now!

  3. Joaquin's OT had him playing with it a couple months ago but he was really into eating it so we haven't tried it since :)!

  4. Great pictures! It's amazing how simple things make you feel so proud! I haven't actually gotten any yet, but Colin's school uses edible play doh and my mom has talked about how she used to make it from flour and such...

  5. He did a great job! I haven't dared to play doh with Sam. He was offered it while trick or treating but we opted for a toothbrush instead. I figured he would just eat it. :-)

  6. Cody's still not really into play doh... we do do some fine motor things with it that he handles- we put coins in the play doh that he has to dig out using his fingertips. Sometimes I just put it in deep enough that he can for sure just grab it out, but other times we make him search for it. We also focus on having him put it away and push it down into the container so he focuses on using his fingers and not his palm.