Monday, November 16, 2009

The Year of New Friends

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John Michael turned 2 this past Saturday.

Sadly, it was such a busy day (and weekend) that I only spent about 45 minutes with him on his actual birthday. We'll make it up to him next weekend and have photos, too.

Given that his birthday came and went without fanfare, I wanted to reflect on the incredible year we've just had since John Michael turned 1.

In just 12 months, John Michael (and I) has made more friends than I ever imagined. Our "awakening" began when we had our first get-together in East Portal Park. We planned to meet Jennifer and Joaquin and their family and some other moms and kids that would come. We never imagined that this casual gathering would lead to many friendships and continues to grow.

This past year I've posted many photos of our kids together at parks, in our homes, at a birthday party, a baby shower, at the NDSC Convention and most recently, the Step Up for Down Syndrome walk. Most of us moms are bloggers, which makes it fun and interesting as well.

I just want to acknowlege all the wonderful moms who I count among my new friends this year. Local friends include Jennifer & Joaquin, Lisa & Sheridan, Sheree & Gabby, Jonna & Gracie, Cori & Joey, Gina & Christian, Susan & Christopher, Lisa & Jase and Amy and her soon-to-be born baby girl. I had the pleasure of meeting even more moms and their sweet children at the NDSC Convention this summer. Thanks to Facebook, blogging and the internet, there are too many to count!

Thank you for making this The Year of New Friends!

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  1. I am overwhelmed with emotion as I look at the collage. It's such a great representation of the past year and we are so honored and blessed to be included in the bunch. We can't wait to celebrate this weekend!!!! :)!!!!

  2. Oh, Monica. Thank you so much for saying exactly how I feel, too. I absolutely LOVE our new life... deeply connected with so many amazing families. It's one of the greatest gifts Sheridan (and all our little ones!) have given us.

  3. Happy belated Birthday JM!!!! love your photos collage! What a great two years!

  4. Happy Birthday John Michael! Waiting for pics!!!!!!
    The collage is beautiful. I've yet to meet any of my new friends in person... maybe one day! But I am blessed to have met so many wonderful people through blogging!
    Maybe we'll be in photos together too one day. You never know!

  5. Love the collage but the butterfly pic is amazing!!!

    Happy Birthday John Michael!

  6. wow! What a great collage, Monica!
    We are so beyond honored to call you and JM our friends as well. It's been an incredible year!

    Happy Birthday, John Michael!!

  7. Oh, how beautiful! Each time I pick a favorite shot, I find another one I love just as much.

    We're so glad to know you and John Michael. Happiest of birthday celebrations to him!

  8. Love all of the pictures. Happy birthday big boy! I feel blessed to be able to call you a friend!

  9. Thank you so much, Monica, for counting us among your new friends. I'm so happy we've met and look forward to many years of friendship. It was a joy to meet Mr. John Michael the other night and can't wait to spend more time with your family at his party this weekend. Can't wait for you to finally meet Christopher too!

  10. herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum zweiten Geburtstag, liebe JM. Zwar ein wenig verspaetet, aber umso inniger wuensch ich dir alles alles liebe und gute auf dieser welt. und lass dich am naechsten wochenende so richtig feiern, mit allem, was dazu gehoert!!!

    ganz liebe gruesse,
    amelie & Lola

  11. Happy Birthday, John Michael! I feel fortunate to have met you and your family through blogging and in person and hope we can all get together again soon!!

  12. Better late then never as we say in Holland: JM, congratulations on your birthday. I enjoy reading your mom's stories about you so very much, can't help some tears now and then, even just now watching the photo's of your first days. What a big happy guy you have become!

    Love, Maud

  13. happy belated 2nd birthday John Michael!