Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday

(Here's our family at a beautiful wedding a couple weeks ago)


I just can't get over this thought...

There are so many wonderful people that have come into our lives this past year.

I'm in AWE! And so thankful!

All it took was for one little boy to be born at the right time in history, to the right family, in the right order, with a particular extra chromosome in the right place.


I am thankful to my incredible family, all the people who read my blog, and to those whom I've met in person, or through blogging, Facebook, and the NDSC Convention in Sacramento this past July.

Thanks for being there for me! The journey is so much sweeter with friends in all the right places.


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  1. What lovely sentiment this morning, Monica! It really is pretty awesome, isn't it?! I think about that often, and about this whole, new amazing world that's opened up to us. I'm sure new parenthood opens up certain doors in general, but this one is so fulfilling, and full of such warm and incredible people. Thanks for posting that!

  2. I'm in complete agreement and share your thoughts and sentiments! Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Let's do this thing :)...

  3. I think about that all the time. What a lovely plan God had in mind to bring us all together.
    Beautiful family picture.

  4. Wow...thank you for putting this into such a beautiful perspective...

  5. I also think about that often... if it wasn't for my sweet Justin... I wouldn't have met or come in contact with the most amazing people! WooHoo for Down syndrome!
    Gorgeous picture of your family!

  6. beautiful photo of a beautiful family! You are so blessed! I feel the same!

  7. Beautiful family, Monica.

    It's been great to "meet" you too. Hope to meet IRL someday!

  8. Monica, very comforting and encouraging to read your words of thanksgiving.

    You are a blessing.

    Happy National Down Syndrome Month.

  9. Yes, it is kind of amazing isn't it? Could you have ever imagined, on the day of diagnosis, all of the gifts that little John Micheal would bring into the world, in less than two years time? God has a plan. The world does not always see the gifts, but we sure do! In some respects, it is a mystery why He plans that extra 21st, but I do believe it will all be made clear in heaven. And while still here, we can get little glimpes of all those graces :). God bless Monica! Love, Kris ps. I'm so glad you joined the T21 family :)

  10. gorgeous picture! And I have to agree...I am so thankful for meeting you and the rest of the gang!! We are so blessed!

  11. Super Picture!So glad I've gotten to know you!I never would have thought how happy I would be to have a child with Down syndrome.I would be missing out on knowing some incredible people.

  12. Beautiful family! And I know exactly what you mean - perfect timing!