Wednesday, August 19, 2009

T21 Traveling Afghan! + John Michael and Joaquin "did it"

Today was our day to pass on the love of the T21 Traveling Afghan to our local blogging buddies, Jennifer of Three's a Charm and her precious Joaquin.
If you don't know about this project, click the link above. It's an afghan that is traveling the world (literally!) to be shared by families who have a child with Down syndrome. It's like the tie that binds us together -- one family at a time. We are honored to have been a part of this and look forward to hearing the many adventures of the afghan for years to come.

We had the afghan for 10 days and it was very loved in our home. Mostly, John Michael cuddled with the afghan during naps and bedtime, but it also found its way on our living room floor to play hide and seek and offer cuddles while he was teething last week.

I have to say, CJ did a beautiful job crocheting this afghan. It's very cozy and durable, which is great since it has so many more families to touch and be touched by.

There is a journal that travels along with the afghan. It's so cool to read what others have written before us and to recognize some familiar bloggers who share this connection with us. Here's what I wrote. I also attached some photos.

Joaquin is now the lucky recipient of the T21 Traveling Afghan.
Doesn't he look like he's happy to have it?

Finally, we didn't plan this, REALLY, but John Michael and Joaquin are both sporting their "i did it" shirts. I'll post about JM's "i did it" separately, but what a great photo op to get our cute boys together with their shirts AND the T21 Traveling Afghan. LOVE IT!

You can jump on the "i did it" bandwagon over at this post: Three's A Charm. The t-shirts, designed by Jennifer, are $21 (for Trisomy 21) and for each shirt sold, she will donate a copy of the book, Gifts 2, to a local hospital, genetic counselor's office or pediatrician's office. I think pregnancy counseling centers and OB offices would be great, too.

How awesome is that?

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  1. great photos! I am so glad JM enjoyed his time with the afghan!

  2. So fantastic! Amazing way to show unity!

  3. How cute are they with their t- shirts! That blanket is something.. every child I see with it instantly loves it.Magical!
    How awesome is it that she is donating books to the most needed places. Think about how that could change someones ideas... even save a baby from termination.
    Tanks for posting about that, I didn't know.

  4. They're so cute together with their matching shirts. I do love Jennifer's "I did it" shirts. We "did it" too. The shirt is very comfy.

  5. Yeah, we signed up for it as well but haven't had it yet. Love the pics of the boys together, how sweet.

  6. How cool that they both had on there 'i did it' tees when ya'll traded off on the afghan!They are both cuties!!Looking forward to our turn with the afghan.

  7. Very cool!! I can't wait to get the Traveling Aghan someday too. We are on the list. I am going to get some Did it shirts for Syd and some friends. So glad John Michael enjoyed it!