Saturday, August 1, 2009

NDSC Convention Update

All talk and no play is no fun...
John Michael taking a break in the play area.
John Michael with Brad Hennefer (Golf for Life). Brad's an accomplished athlete and helps teach golf to kids with Down syndrome. If we lived closer, Brad, we'd definitely sign up!

Me with Kathryn Lynard Soper. She's soooo nice in person -- don't let her Teletubby persona fool you :-) We had a nice chat after the birth to 2 year old sharing session for moms. I also enjoyed sitting in on Kathryn's talk today on Sharing your Gifts.

Today we had lunch with about 11 other DS Bloggers and their families! That was excellent! But, wouldn't you know it, I didn't get a photo. Jennifer from Three's a Charm took a photo, so hopefully she'll post that.

It's been amazing to see all these faces with Down syndrome and the people who love them. Nicolas is participating in the sibling workshop and made friends within the first minute of walking in the room on Friday. These guys are so great -- they all range from 11 to 12, 6th to 7th grade. I so wish they all lived here so Nic would have them as regular friends. What a difference that would make to have a friend who shares something unique in life. It's awesome that his friends just come up to John Michael to give high fives, shake hands, to hold him or hug him or tell me he's awesome. (I know I've overused the word "awesome" but that's how it feels.) Some adults with Ds or older children w/ Ds have come up to John Michael and said hello. JM's face lights up, as does theirs, and I sense a deeper connection than what I can comprehend. Ben and Alex's mom from Colorado told me that Alex (Ds), who's only 7, can tell who has Ds and who doesn't. She said she's never actually told him what features to look for, but she thinks he senses something as well. Interesting...
Anna chatted with an adult w/ Ds at dinner and Greta danced with a 7 year old boy with Ds. The girls are having a fun time, too, although they spent most of the day at a nearby friend's house. I'm so proud of my girls!

Tomorrow is the final day. It will be bittersweet, as is the end of anything great. I've made some great new friends and look forward to keeping in touch and watching our children grow via blogs and Facebook.

On a final note, but definitely not last on my mind, Gabby did well in her heart surgery in San Francisco. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for the family! I know it means a lot to them!


  1. Hi Monica,

    with respect to your request about links in frankfurt. I don't know any bloggers in that area, but she might try to contact the lebenshilfe in frankfurt.

    they should have all the contacts.


  2. so happy you are having a good time. It sounds wonderful! love hearing all about it.

  3. Oh, what fun! Wish we could be there. Maybe next year. Can't wait to hear where it will be.

  4. looks like fun I wish I could have been there. hugs from san mateo i can not wait to see more photos

  5. What a great time! Wish we could be there too.

  6. Thank you SO much for allowing me to join you all for lunch on Saturday! It was great meeting you and getting to see some of your adorable family! I hope to stay in touch in "Blogland!" Thanks again Monica!

  7. Hi Monica,
    So enjoyed your Blog regarding the Convention.

    It is so wonderful to see so many babies and young ones doing so well. Quite a bit different from my first DS convention in Portland Oregon when my daughter was barely 2. So many advances, and opportunities for your precious little ones. I am so happy for you all.

    I met up with several Moms my age with older children who are now adults, and had a great time.

    Just a bit about my daughter, Laurie Elizabeth, and myself. Laurie is 29, almost 30. I have 2 older daughters who are my "Dream Team". They help and support me and Laurie so much, as their father, who was so wonderful, was killed in a car accident when they were all very young. I have been a single mother since 1984, raising my three beautiful daughters.

    I would love to read other Blogs, and especially connect with mothers of older children, although I love reading and hearing of the progress & acheivements of all of your children.

    I personally do not yet have a Blog, but I am on Facebook, Donna Bourdet, and you can reach me also at my gmail account.

    Thanks again Monica for allowing me to comment.

  8. What a great time! And....of course you are welcome to use anything I post on my blog

  9. What a wonderful experience! I would love to go to a convention like that sometime!

  10. Looks like a great time. Hopefully someday it will be close to Utah.