Sunday, August 9, 2009

Guess who has the T21 Traveling Afghan now...

Could it really be the official T21 Traveling Afghan? You bet!

Our little buddy, Sheridan, and his mom, Lisa, brought the official T21 Traveling Afghan to our house last Friday for a playdate. We didn't actually get to keep it over the weekend, but I wanted to include pics. Lisa officially handed over the afghan to us today at the park.

Not actually being able to open a box that came in the mail, John Michael, upon seeing the blanket for the first time, put his head right down on it and cuddled up with it...

then paused to examine it a bit closer. I'm guessing he really likes the muted color scheme and the stitches :-)

Knowing that this afghan has already traveled to many states and has been loved by many of our blogging friends and their chromosomally enhanced children is a wonderful feeling. And knowing that this very same afghan will be loved by more children in the rest of the states and other countries as well is amazing. A lasting connection being made, like a spider building her web one strand at a time.

John Michael is going to have some great cuddles with this afghan as we patiently wait for CJ to finish our own afghan.

Today at the park we officially received the afghan to take home for a week! I hope you don't miss it too much, Sheridan! I'll post some more photos when John Michael is alone with the blanket. :-)

John Michael also made a new friend today. Jase is 10 months old and son to another Lisa. I met Lisa at the mom's sharing session at the NDSC Conference last weekend. Her little guy is such a cutie! John Michael, at the ripe age of almost 21 months, is going to teach him all kinds of new stuff!

Even Jase got to hang out with the afghan for a little while in the park today :-)

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  1. OMG! This is such a lovely story... I bet it was hard to release the afghan... where is it going now? You guys are so lucky to have a wonderful network in CA... I wish we were closer. Mia has a playdate with her buddies this Saturday, I'll her send her pictures then.
    Love reading your posts!
    Natalie & Mia

  2. how cool. I want to get one of my own for our little man

  3. There must be some magic in that blanket.. All the children love it.Maybe they can feel that it is special. Enjoy!

  4. very cool! and henry has those same shorts. :P

  5. I just love all the pictures!! John Michael looks like he is really enjoying that blanket :)

  6. how sweet, love all the photos too.

  7. It's so exciting to see it at one of the blogs I read regularly! We're still waiting for our turn.

  8. How exciting! We're patiently waiting for our turn.

  9. Me too! and we're all a bit jealous, I might add...