Monday, January 26, 2009

Old Fashioned Fun

I love the simplicity of this photo. I was busy cooking and monitoring my 9 year old's California Mission project and kept getting distracted by these two little ones. To occupy them I gave them "cars" (scrap boxes from my Costco excursion) and some wooden spoons to bang away. Greta added a red light and a map to her box. It helped keep them entertained as well as "contained" for a little while. I love when simple things like cereal boxes and rubber bands become the coolest guitars, empty plastic spice containers and split peas make great maracas, and Tupperware-type plastic containers turn into indoor skates. I'm curious... what kind of simple toys do your kids enjoy? If you enjoy this post, but don't usually comment, I'd love to hear from you as well. Please say "hi"!

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  1. I'm visiting for the first time. Your kids are precious. These pictures are so cute! Bridget likes to climb into the plastic storage bins we use for her toys (some of the bins are pretty's hilarious watching her try to climb in...and she usually fits!) The older kids like to give her "blanket rides"...we have hardwood floors and blankets glide really well on them--Bridget lays on her tummy toward the end of the blanket and they pull her around the first floor of our house. It's really funny to watch. She loves it!