Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nap, sweet, nap...

One of my favorite alone-time moments with John Michael is when he's ready for his morning nap. Of course, naptime is a welcome break for me regardless of the time of day, but it's really about the process of him falling asleep that I love. It's the closeness that reminds me of the 11 months he nursed and cuddled, allowing me to really know him. This morning, we took a walk on the nature trail, looking at rocks and trees, with our dog, Mitzi, alongside. John Michael heard an airplane, but I couldn't get him to look up high enough to see it. Maybe next time. Just as we were arriving home again, I could tell he was ready for a nap. I gave him a Binky and laid him down in his crib while Vivaldi played quietly in the background. Sometimes he settles down on his own and puts himself to sleep, but this morning he needed an extra nudge. So I picked him up and cradled him in my arms, his sweet head of fine blonde hair resting against me. One chubby little hand grabbed a few strands of my hair and the other hung down. We nuzzled each other, his tiny button nose so soft and supple. He struggled to keep his eyes open. I kissed the smooth, flat area of his nose bridge a few times. I felt his body go from soft to limp and his breaths become deeper and slower. It's in those moments when we are so close that, within minutes, he inevitably falls in a deep sleep. Ahhhhhhhh, peace.

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