Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Elephant Hunter

The Elephant Hunter

Don't be fooled. 
Under this cute exterior, lies a very powerful
Elephant Hunter.

He means them no harm... he only wants to find them so he can wash the elephants and make them clean.
Meet his cute sidekick, who's not very serious about helping...

Filled with special water, The Elephant Hunter straps on his powerful backpack watersprayer and sets off on the hunt.

Where could those elephants be hiding?
Not here...

He senses their presence on the other side of the fence and calls them.

His trusty, red-headed assistant spots them! 
He lifts up his powerful water sprayer.

Shhhhhhh.... Shhhhhhh...  Shhhhhh....

His sprayer reaches the elephants.  All clean!

Job well done.

 Looks like Mr. Turtle could use a wash...

The end.