Monday, January 9, 2012

Boredom Buster: Do*A*Dot Art!

Need a fun, colorful boredom buster idea for indoor days?

I've had this supply of Do*A*Dot Art non-toxic bottles since 2004, and thought I'd pull it out this morning to see if John Michael and Luke were ready for it.

I had a couple sheets left from a Christmas art project I did for Greta's 1st Grade class last month, so we went to work.

Before even getting started, John Michael had fun unscrewing the cap. Good fine motor therapy, right? When he was finished, he lined all the bottles up and counted them. Good for preschool skills, too. :-)

We divided the colors and he went to work. John Michael made all of this by himself. Pretty nice, eh? I like how he filled up his page and got enough pressure to make complete circle dots in many places.

Luke tried, too. The red and green dots were mine, but otherwise, he did pretty good for his first try at 19 months old. :-)

Do*A*Dot Art isn't inexpensive, but it lasts forever and stays perfect with the lid on. This was a "shimmer" pack of 5 I purchased for $14.99 at Learning Express back in 2004. The other colors are from even before then.

But what I really love about it is that it's super easy to use and hold, non-toxic (yes, Luke decided to paint his mouth) and it's really, truly washable. I got a couple dots on my shirt and jeans and they both washed out with some dish soap. It is actually harder to get this stuff washed off your skin than your clothes, so Luke looks like he smashed blueberries all over his face. :-o

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  1. We love Do*A*Dot art over here too! I actually had a set when I was a little girl! Fun stuff!

  2. Oooh, I have never heard of that before! Looks fantastic! JM is quite the little artist :)

  3. I bought Kayla this for Christmas! She loves it. You're right about it not washing as easily off the skin though; Lucas had a bit on his palm and when we were washing hands it wasn't coming off and I exclaimed, "I thought this stuff was washable!" LOL

  4. that looks like GREAT fun! love the idea! may have to sprinkle some glitter with that! smiles

  5. great job! love your last post too, sorry I had missed it:)

  6. Hi Monica, Thanks for stopping by my blog. What a beautiful family! I look forward to following!