Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 for 21 -- Pumpkin Patch Therapy -- Day #18

OK, so I'm taking a slight break from posting Down Syndrome Awareness Facts, and focusing on some family fun...  John Michael had an awesome time at Dave's Pumpkin Patch last weekend.  It was his first time on a pony and he was soooo happy to be there (after not wanting to get on in the first place!)

Greta's horse was named Rainbow or Sunshine or something cute like that.

Nic and Luke on the hay bale pyramid.  The sky was gorgeous with sweeping clouds...


Oh, that's better...  isn't this hay ride fun?

Greta, striking a pose in the corn maze.  This thing was huge and took a good 20 minutes to navigate through.  Luke was well ahead of all of us...  I was actually worried that he could get lost in the corn!

John Michael and Greta scaled the tall pyramid with big brother, Nic.

Made it!

Here, piggy, piggy... stinky little things...  The stench didn't deter John Michael one bit...

Finally, the kids ended up in the feed corn box.  Luke was having a grand ol' time.  I think every home needs one of these  :-)  So much cleaner than sand and fun to play with...

John Michael and Greta were in on the action, too.
You can probably imagine how many corn kernels I found in the bathtub at bathtime...  LOL!

Greta wanted to be buried...

She said it felt good...  John Michael gladly obliged...

Big brother, Nic, thought it was better than his mattress.  (Sorry, big guy!) 

This was not a flashy pumpkin farm by any means, but it did have lots to offer.  It was a Groupon deal I purchased, so we headed out there to try a new place.  Our family loves to spend time outdoors, and for John Michael, it was also therapeutic, like OT and PT wrapped up neatly in one fun package... While there, he worked on gross motor (climbing the hay bales and running through the corn maze), fine motor (shoveling corn kernels), and sensory issues (riding a pony and feeling the corn kernels with his fingers and on his lap) all while having fun.

Remedy for a happy family outing...  enjoy the simple things in life, find fun things to do in the ordinary, spend time with the family outdoors in nature and unplugged.  It's good for the soul and good for the family.


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  2. That is the second big corn kernel box I've seen and I love it! I want to go to a pumpkin patch with one of those or like you said, have one in my back yard! I'd much rather clean kernels than sand! :)

  3. Love the corn idea, brilliant!!! MUCH better than sand (which is all over my house now that Annelies has been at daycare in the sandbox). Corn might be costly though, I guess...