Monday, October 3, 2011

31 for 21 -- Broken? (Day #3)

Just because something looks a little different, or doesn't "function" the same way, does that mean it's broken?

Is John Michael broken? Does he need fixing?

Society is uncomfortable with differences. Often people will either stare, or look away so as not to be bothered by it. Difference, that is...

If John Michael isn't a "high achiever" academically speaking, is he less worthy?

My parents didn't go to school beyond 8th grade, but they are smarter than many book-smart people I know.

Let's not measure worth by IQ and "what" you know... John Michael is a smart, clever, quick little guy who loves to learn and explore and play. He gives the greatest hugs and best spontaneous "Love you, Mom" EVER! John Michael's preschool teacher, who has not had experience with kids with Ds before John Michael, recently told me, "John Michael will never have a teacher who doesn't love him."

That spoke volumes to me.

He has the ability at his young age to change hearts and minds and help people be more caring, compassionate, open-minded to differences, and it doesn't matter if he looks or acts different. It really is what's inside that counts and for another to have the right eyes to see.
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  1. Loved you post on the impact your precious John Michael is having on others. You were kind enough to leave 2 comments on my blog today just when I really needed a lift. All of our kids are amazing. susan

  2. You could not have said it better. Our kids are great just the way they are.