Thursday, March 31, 2011

Treasure Hunt

Henry David Thoreau once said, "We can never have enough of nature."

I couldn't agree more!

We're fortunate to have a nature trail right behind our house.  When things get crazy in the house, we head to the trail and go on a treasure hunt.

Our region is famous for The Gold Rush of the 1850's.  While we haven't struck gold, we do find our share of treasures now and again.

On this particular treasure hunt, John Michael scored a small, smooth river rock.

A crunchy, sycamore leaf.
A very cool, long stick that he used to smash his special leaf, and which doubled as a walking stick...

until he decided it was time to climb back on his trusty steed.

I think he's saying, "Well, are you going to push me, or what?"


  1. Love that boy :) And Sheridan would love to go treasure hunting with you JM!

  2. Love the header picture of JM with his hands behind his back, what a cutie...Blog looks cute too :)

  3. what a GREAT day... and successful hunt! we are crazy about hunts and fossils... smiles

  4. I recognize that look! I get that around here too. It's the "Where's the service around here? Stop taking pictures and get moving!" look. hahaha!