Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Mine -- DSIA Calendar Photo Shoot

A few months ago, I made a comment on Facebook to the moms in The Sisterhood that our kids (with Ds) are all so darned adorable that they should be in a calendar.

Guess what?

The moms in the Sisterhood started "going viral" on me, LOL, and the calendar idea took on a life of its own. A few of us moms recently got together to brainstorm how this could happen, and after a few phone calls and one "official" meeting with all of us and the photographer, the pieces fell into place.

After hearing our idea and mission, Sharon and Scot Benton of Studio B Photography offered their professional photography services gratis!  They are both so talented... you should see Scot's underwater portraits, called Immersion Art!

John Michael had his photo session yesterday. YESTERDAY! Sharon and Scot already have put together this amazing montage of all our kids! Check it out!

John Michael makes his debut at 2:04 in the video, where he's catching a bubble. He was so excited!  I just love this boy and love that he gets to grow up with a wonderful mix of typically developing kids and kids with Ds. And that's exactly how it should be :-)

The 2012 calendar, available through the Down Syndrome Information Alliance (DSIA) later this year, will be a welcome gift to new moms who have a baby with Down syndrome.  Calendars will also be available for purchase. You know what you're getting for Christmas, right?  LOL. Details later this year. This will make a fantastic Christmas or birthday gift or just because... The photos are amazing!  Did I say that already?


  1. That montage is amazing!!! Just beautiful! It was fun to see a few faces I recognize, too. All the kids were super cute. LOVED the last photo. I think I'm gonna want a calendar!

  2. That was beautiful! Loved seeing all those gorgeous faces!

  3. Spotted John Michael on a youtube created for World Ds day---too cute!!!
    Can't wait to see the calendars when they come out.