Friday, February 11, 2011

The Many Faces of John Michael

Does this look like a sick boy? 
He spent half the night throwing up, but apparently it was the huge pack of raisins he ate and not anything more.  I kept him home from school just to be safe, but he's been perky and we had fun playing outside while Luke was taking a nap.  He seems perfectly happy and healthy.  Yay!

My iPhone doesn't do the best job with indoor, lowlight shots, but I had to capture my funny guy and his many expressions, all taken within a minute or two of each other.

This is just your typical John Michael, cutie patootie, with his new do.

"Mom!  Theth!"  He actually hit me in the nose with Luke's bottle cap.  Nice aim, Buddy!

"John Michael, can you make a sad face?"
Love the lower lip! I also love that he understands different emotions.
We were having fun with this one.  Can you pucker and say, "Ooooooooooooohhhh?"

And finally, my sweet John Michael with his special doggie... the one with the scraggly orange and yellow yarn bows that his Oma tied on for him. He is so addicted to this doggie and loves to carress his cheeks and hands with the yarn when he's trying to fall asleep. He also loves to tickle my face with it. I'm so glad Greta didn't mind letting John Michael latch onto her doggie and claim it as his own!

Love this boy!  Happy Valentine's Weekend! 


  1. You should see the other guy LOL!

  2. He's one handsome fella! Great pictures!

  3. I just love his hair cut, he's adorable!! And he has the CUTEST sad face EVER!

  4. Love love the pictures...and his new haircut is just so handsome! Happy Valentines to you all!

  5. What a cutie! Love the haircut!
    Happy Valentines Day!