Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Explosion! (of milestones)

I can't keep up anymore!

John Michael is EXPLODING with milestones lately, and I can't keep up with them!  And while January is usually my slowest blogging month after the December busy-ness, I promise to post more regularly again... 

One milestone is that John Michael is starting to tell me when he has to poop and has successfully gone two times now, and usually sits for 5 minutes at a time, even if nothing happens.  He often tells me he has to go "pobby", walks to the bathroom, turns on the light and says, "Light!" and opens the toilet lid.  He tries to pull down his pants, although it's still something he's working on.  But if I don't help him quick enough, he easily finds other things to occupy his time (eg, unrolling the toilet paper...)

Some other things that used to be torture, have become more routine and easy to manage. 
Like, brushing teeth.

A year ago, I lamented that he screamed his head off every time we tried to brush his teeth.  He now loves to brush his teeth, even if it's for a short 30 seconds or so.  He smiles while brushing, then lets Doug or I finish with a thorough top and bottom brushing.  When he's finished, he makes sure to show off his fresh, clean breath.  So cute!  (This is also reinforced daily at preschool when the kids all brush their teeth after breakfast.  He's in a full inclusion Head Start program that offers breakfast and lunch and the kids learn about and practice good hygiene.)

Ta Da!
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  1. What a BIG boy!!! How great that he's discovering the joy of the power of "do it myself!" We have to compromise often with Sammi on things like brushing her teeth - she insists on doing it herself, but obviously not with as much efficiency, so I tell her she can do it herself *after* I do it for her first.

  2. Wonderful, love those pictures!

  3. What a big boy he's turning into! I love the toilet paper all over the bathroom and the smile while brushing...too cute!

  4. aawww he is totally growing up and becoming a big boy!

  5. How funny about brushing his teeth! Nate has also really taken a shine to this task too. He loves to brush, and when he's done he tells the (Tiger toothbrush) "ni'nigh, er-er"
    I've loved catching up on's been too long since I've visited! Your new site is so cute.

  6. What a big boy!! I hope Ruby learns to like her teeth being brushed,I can hardly get the brush in her mouth for a second!

  7. YES!!! I remember the toothbrushing difficulties you were having! SOOOO proud of him, and you!!! HUGS!!

  8. He is a doll. LOVE the proud look of satisfaction on his face in the bottom pic :)

  9. What a BIG boy! This is super!