Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Toy Ever...

When Nicolas found out John Michael had Down syndrome, he was most concerned about John Michael not being able to play Legos, ball, trains, etc, with him.

Looking back, we didn't know how John Michael would develop. The medical information available suggested he would be delayed at everything and that he would have all kinds of medical issues. John Michael has taught us to be patient and that he would do all the things Nic was hoping he'd do, just at his own pace.

Fast forward 3 years...

in previous posts, I've written about how John Michael loves to play with balls, kicking, throwing and learning to "theth" (catch). I've also posted on how he loves to play with Legos and build towers and he's starting to build out a bit, too, not just stacking.

This year...

we bought John Michael a train table (not that our living room has room for it!) and brought down the track and trains, mostly Thomas the Tank Engine and friends, from the attic that Nicolas and Anna used to play with.

I can't believe how excited he is -- it's hard to pry him away from his train table! He is having a blast watching the two motorized engines go round and round and attaching extra engines or tenders until there are so many that the engine stalls out or crashes. We also have some cool bridges, tunnels, and accessories to add to the fun. I really shouldn't have bought him anything else. I think this is it for him.

Nic just got home and is now playing with him. I love how this one thing will give them yet one more fun thing to do together. One more reminder that our kids with Down syndrome are "More Alike Than Different."
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  1. Yay for John-Michael! Can't wait for John-David to be able to stand and play with a train set. We have our Alta appointment today! So excited to finally be getting JD some help! Love you Monica!

  2. Hurray for train tables and the endless amount of fun they provide...for ALL kids! JM looks like he's in heaven with his new train set. I love the focused look on his face in the first picture! Our living room didn't need a large train table either, but I figure they are only little for a short time so I'm just going to enjoy watching my babies have fun. In 20 years I'll be wishing there was a train table, jumper, balls, push toys and several other toys in my living room because with those things come laughter and joy!

  3. I LOVE this!!!! And you're so right about our perceptions of what the future would (not) hold for our kids when they were born, and how they're proving our old-selves wrong every single day. Btw, I LOVE your header pic, too. Omg, I'm laughing so hard at that!

  4. YEAH!! it looks like the train table belongs there for lots and lots of great memories!! love the misconceptions that I had and that Maddie is teaching me everyday about how a little eXtra is eXtra great!! John Michael knowS how to put the Joy in the season :) love the pix...smiles

  5. yes, william loves his too, something he plays with daily

  6. LOVE this post!! Sibling memories are the BEST!! Thank goodness for train tables!!

  7. One of the reasons I was drawn to your blog months ago was because of your boys...They are the same ages as mine. When we found out Russell had Ds I was afraid Raist would be disappointed, that Russell wouldnt be the brother he had hoped for. I found comfort in seeing pictures of Nic and JM playing together, just being brothers...And as time has gone on I have seen that my boys have a special bond, that Russell IS more alike than different and that he is exactly the brother Raist had dreamed of.
    This post really touched me, I loved it :)
    Oh, and your header picture makes me smile EVERY time I see it too! Ha ha, so cute!!

  8. Love these pics! John Michael doing a totally typical thing with loving his train table! He can come over and play with Lucas and his train table anytime! Also, love your header picture - cracks me up!

  9. Monica, Merry Christmas to you and your family! My cards will be coming in January! :) Happy New year! xoxo Andrea