Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Uh oh, Oh no, YAY!

John Michael's speech continues to take off... branching into 2 word and sometimes 3 word phrases, like "Hi, Luke", "blue block" or "love you".  He is a parrot and often copies the last word in a sentence or picks up expressions. 

This morning, while feeding Luke, I quietly observed John Michael building towers with Legos.  He built the tower by himself (not the bottom, larger structure) and was quite chatty.  He would say, "Yay" when a block or section fit.  He'd say, "Oh, no" or "Uh oh" when blocks were tipping or fall off and would say, "fit" when the blocks didn't fit well.

Here he's standing proud of his accomplishment.  That was as high as he could reach without the whole thing falling over.  He stayed with this activity for about 15 minutes, which is pretty good for self-directed play.  If Greta were here, they probably would've played for about 30 minutes.

Eventually, he branched off to playing with the Lego animals, cars, trucks and people.  But the whole time, I noticed how his expressive language is growing.

Some other expressions he frequently uses are: "Whoa!" for when he catches himself falling or bumping into something; "Oops! (soop)" for when something goes wrong; "Bonk" for when he bonks into something; "Wow!" when something's exciting or cool; and, "Ow!" for when he's hurt.  This has really come in handy lately since he can now show me where he is hurt.  It used to be a guessing game with lots of tears.

This was taken last week and he built it all on his own.

 I just love Legos for all the things you can do with them. 


  1. Fabulous!!! I wonder sometimes where kids get some of their expressions. I mean, I'm sure they come from us (ow, uh oh, bonk, etc.) but we must do them without being very conscious of them (especially "ow"), not realizing how closely little ears are listening and little eyes are watching. Good for JM!!! Knowing how to tell where a pain is coming from is a very valuable communication skill.

  2. Thats awesome! He has some pretty sweet building skills :)

  3. What a smarty! He is such a little doll! I'm waiting for pics of that new baby! I'll have to go back and look, maybe I missed them..

  4. He is getting to be so big! I remember when he was just a bitty thing and now he's all grown up (and so handsome too!)

  5. that is awesome! WTG John Michael!!

  6. my older girls still love legos..and i am sure miss maggie will love them just as much :0) he looks so cute, like he is really concentrating!