Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ArtBeast, New Friends and Spaghetti Factory, OH MY!!

Last Friday, a blogging buddy, Darlena, came up to Sacramento to meet some of us.  I've been following Darlena's blog for over a year.  She has a beautiful family, but we especially love reading about her darling son, Brayden.

Isn't he a cutie?!?!

We first met at the ever-cool ArtBeast for some music, art and creative play.  John Michael looked quite at home on the drums.

A John Michael masterpiece. 
We love his painting so much that Doug wants to make greeting cards out of it.  :-)

John Michael loves to give his friends hugs.  Miss Gabby doesn't seem to mind.  Isn't she precious?!?!

At Spaghetti Factory, John Michael and Brayden took over the waiting room inside the old train station.  If you look carefully, you can see the front door is cracked open.  John Michael and Brayden discovered that if they pushed a bit, they would be able to escape. 
Let's just say these two will not be left alone -- who knows what kind of trouble they'd get into!

I didn't get everyone's photo, but I did get this cute one of John Michael feeding Sofia.  Her brother, Joaquin was in the stroller and Sheridan came later to join us just for dinner.

Just the moms... me, Darlena, Debbie (she came to say hi), Sheree and Jennifer.

And finally, the evening ended with a nice bowl of ice cream.  Besides meeting up with his friends, this was for sure John Michael's favorite part!
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  1. Awwww love this post! Already miss you all! So jealous you all have such a neat group of parents and kiddos! We enjoyed our visit very much! Can't wait to do it again! !! You have such a sweet family...Thanks again for making this day a special one! Love to you all! Xoxo ...I will be blogging this soon I promise!

  2. very cute! I loved meeting Darlena, Brayden, and grandpa and hope that we can do it again very soon!

  3. I love the art work! We frame and proudly hang Charlotte and Jonathan's abstract art next to our Sam Francis. It all works and looks very fancy and modern.

  4. You women are so amazing!!!! I love your "sister hood" up there. You are always so warm and welcoming to visitors! Miss you! xoxo

  5. PS-You can come visit me anytime...all 7 of you! :)

  6. Looks like a fun time!

    Monica, I am so excited about how much was sold at the jewelry party! That is amazing! Thank you again for hosting and thinking of us on this journey to bring Liam home. What a blessing you are!

  7. SO FUN! We were lucky enough to meet Darlena when we were visiting in CA! Darling family! We love some Spaghetti Factory around here too!