Friday, March 5, 2010

4th Grade Letters -- These Kids "Got It"

Yesterday, I received a beautifully bound book of thank you letters from the 4th Grade class.  This was in response to the talk I gave on Down syndrome and the R word.  If you didn't see the presentation, click on my previous post from 3/3/10 to see what it's all about.

I am deeply moved by their comments.  It's clear to me that some of these kids really got the message.  Hopefully, when this class is in 8th grade and John Michael joins them at the school in Kindergarten, they will still have that message inside them and keep a watchful eye out for him.

Below is a sampling of some of the letters.  You can click to enlarge.  One of my favorite comments is from Lenny (#5).  He wishes he were like John Michael.  Jack (#2) says he will never say the R word.  Devin (#7) thought John Michael was the best part and getting a high five from him.  I LOVE it!


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  1. oh my! That is absolutely precious! I can't wait to be able to do the same at Cameron's school one day.

    Thank you for educating our youth!! You are awesome ;)

  2. Wow....I got choked up reading them! I love Lenny's!!

  3. The sampling of letters that you posted are fantastic!

    When my Laurie (who is now 30) was young, I brought her to both of my other two daughter's classrooms to do basically what you are doing now, although my presentation was no where as professional as yours! But 20 yrs ago it served its purpose.

    So many of the kids exhibited the same attitude as your students! Of course, we bring them while they are still young and very adorable, so that instills very early on in the students that our kids are just another part of their everyday life.

    As my Laurie grew up, she was in Special Ed classes, not mainstreamed, but always on a regular school campus. I can't tell you how many times we would be out in the community and kids, then teenagers, would come up to my daughter and say 'Hi Laurie" give her a high five, (yes they did that yrs ago, too, LOL) and I would ask them how they knew Laurie, and most of the time they went to the same school as she, and a few times they said they remembered her from when I brought her to my daughter's elementary and then middle school classrooms!

    So, what we have said to the kids, hopefully most of them, stuck, and they are all growing up with more awareness of individuality and respect for all.

    I know my family has experienced that, and I hope that all of you will also have the positive experiences that we have encountered.

    Great job, Monica!

  4. Those letters are wonderful! You're right, I hope these kids will be there for JM when he is in kindergarten. You did a fantastic job with the presentation!

  5. You've done a great, great job! What a wonderful group of thank yous.

  6. I love it! It's so inspiring to know the kids got the message you conveyed. It's even more inspiring and heart-warming to know that they are inspired by John Michael.

  7. That is so incredible. Thank you for educating so many about our kids. You have made a huge difference in their lives and our kids lives. Thank You!!

  8. so exciting. how blessed to have your kids in such a great school with wonderful kids. Your kids are blessed to have you as well!

  9. This brough tears to my eyes! What a wonderful impact you have made!!

  10. You are amazing... and the kids are amazing... and John Michael IS cool and cute :)