Monday, September 21, 2009

Cross Country Meet

Anna ran in her first cross country meet yesterday in upper 90 degree weather. Even after her 1.25 mile run, she was all smiles and ready for another mile. Way to go, Anna!

John Michael was all smiles for big sis, Anna. His daddy's camp hat looks mighty cute on him, too.
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  1. WTG Anna! Maybe she can give me a few pointers! And I have to agree, the hat looks great on JM!

  2. Great job Anna! My husband loves to run in the heat. Great photos!

  3. Very impressive Anna!! Way to go!

    Uh oh, Adam loved to wear hats at a very young age, next came sunglasses, then necklaces, and sweat wristbands and headbands!!!! I swear he wears more accessories then I ever do!!