Thursday, February 5, 2009

John Michael Strikes Again...

A couple weeks ago, I posted about John Michael flipping over Mitzi's water bowl and tasting some kibbles. That was such a mess that I moved her food and water into the laundry room, out of sight. Mitzi adjusted very quickly, even though her feeding station has been in the same place for the past 4 years. Last night, John Michael struck again! He was playing contentedly on the kitchen floor with Greta while big sis, Anna, was doing homework at the kitchen island just above them. I ran to another room for a couple minutes and then came back to check on him. All was quiet, so I thought all was well.

Note to self: Quiet isn't always good...

Greta was no longer with him -- she was playing in the living room by herself. Anna was still doing homework. I noticed a piece of dog food on the floor next to him, but brushed it off thinking Mitzi may have dropped it. I reached down to pick up the little guy and as I lifted him, water started dripping from his footed PJs onto my foot. Huh?!?! He was cold and soaking wet! I looked toward the laundry room and saw a 10-inch wide streak of water as if he had mopped his bottom across my kitchen floor. Dog food was spilled in the laundry room and the water bowl was upside down. He has seen me feed the dog a couple of times in the new location, so obviously he has no trouble with his memory! Big sister, Anna, said she didn't even know he'd scooted away... so much for keeping an eye on him! It's not her fault, but I was frustrated. I carried him dripping to his changing table. He kicked up his legs and started sucking water from his water-soaked PJ-covered feet. Yuck! Presto chango, I dried him up, changed him and asked Anna to help me clean the water mess. Not sure what I'll do if he strikes again!


  1. I'm sorry, but I can't help but laugh. I swear these little boys have built in water radar. John is a toilet bowl magnet.

    And if children are awake, quiet is usually NEVER good!

  2. Oh, have I been there! Em used to STUFF her mouth with it if she was given the was SO gross! Thankfully, now she enjoys FILLING the food and water dishes instead of EMPTYING them!

  3. Oh, yuck! But I do have to laugh, too! Such a resourceful little guy!

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