Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DAY 1 of 31 for 21: Happy?

OCTOBER 1 marks the beginning of Down Syndrome Awareness Month...
My goal is to post a fact or share a story surrounding Ds or John Michael each day (maybe more!)

FACT: People with Down syndrome are NOT happy all the time...

I know... I post a LOT of smiley photos of John Michael, but that's cuz it makes ME feel good and I love his smile. In reality, he has a huge range of emotions each day from STUBBORN (he can put the stubbornest person to shame ;-))... to ANGRY at Luke for grabbing a toy... to LOVING when he first wakes up and finds me still keeping cozy under the sheets... to PROUD when he gets something that he's been working on... to MEAN (occasionally) when none of the other emotions seem to make sense and out of the blue he might push or hit or say something that isn't kind usually to get attention or because he's bothered... to COMPASSIONATE when someone is hurt and he wants to give a gentle hand or encouraging word or grab an ice pack... and of course, HAPPY because the joy he feels when he's happy is pretty high and it makes everyone else around him happy. ALL of these and more make up John Michael. He is definitely NOT happy all the time, and his emotions run higher and lower than most, but I love him just the same as all my other kids... I challenge you take time to get to know him or someone with Down syndrome this month. Support and nice words are great... but really spending time and talking with someone with Ds is the only way you'll feel what I feel... He's pretty amazing and I KNOW his extra chromosome was placed there to bring greater joy and resilience and compassion to our family and those around us. (Thanks for reading ;-))

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