Friday, July 19, 2013

Blogging guilt and the Barney song

Oh my gosh! I'm at the National Down Syndrome Congress convention in Denver and just left the Bloggers sharing session. I don't even feel like I can call myself a blogger when I haven't touched my sadly neglected blog since November of last year! But I was motivated to go anyway, in hopes of meeting IRL (in real life) some blogging friends I've made over the past few years.

I'm soooo glad I went! Not only did I get to meet some awesome blogging moms (and a brave dad who is going to start one), but I realized that I do have something to say that others might want to hear. A couple moms said, "I've missed your posts" and another reminded me that I sent her a presentation a while back that she has used for her own son's class and she was grateful.

My lack of blogging has resulted from having a busy life with 5 kids ('nuf said) and I'm on facebook more since it's instant gratification. I also started a business last year which takes my time and quite honestly, I often feel like I don't have good enough material for a blog. Today was a good reminder that people do want to read about IEPs, inclusion, behavior issues, sibling relationships, and whatever successes we are celebrating, even if it's not "all good news". Just to be real...

Of all John Michael's strengths, I'd say speech and communication are his greatest gifts. And being a singer, I always wondered if he would ever be able to carry a tune beyond a 3 note range. I'm excited to share his latest rendition of Barney's Theme Song, "I Love You". Thanks to Linda Nargi for encouraging making me post it on my blog. I do apologize that the video may not be embedded since I'm on my iPad and don't remember how to do it, but I promise it's worth clicking and listening. My big guy, now 5 1/2, can SING!!!



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