Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last day of preschool

Look at this big boy!  He has been in preschool for just over 6 months since he turned 3 and has loved every minute of it.  I took this shot seconds before he bolted out the door to head to his last day of preschool for the season with Daddy.

When John Michael began preschool, he knew what colors were, but couldn't identify them consistently.  For a while, everything was blue.  Then, green, then yellow...

Yesterday, one of the classroom aides wrote in his journal that he properly handed her all the colors she asked for.  Yay!  I've noticed it, too, because he eats (gulp) Froot Loops some mornings and we make games out of it.

Another milestone is identifying numbers and counting.  John Michael loves to count and sometimes counts to 10 perfectly and other times, skips a few numbers when counting items.  He definitely has made a significant improvement here.  He also recognizes that numbers are "numbers", but doesn't consistently identify them correctly.  Same with letters.  We're working on that, too.  His shapes are pretty consistently correct.

JM is also using the potty quite often and rarely has a dirty diaper (poop) at home because he tells me he has to go and I take him to the potty.  He wets his diaper more often than not, but he has had many successes at school and often will go when I ask him at home.  It's coming along and he's definitely more aware of those bodily functions.

For PE, he has worked hard on jumping.  I never realized how hard that was!  He can sometimes jump about 1 inch off the ground with both feet, but lands very unsteadily.  We'll just keep at it...same with trike pedaling.

I hope to receive a report from the school detailing how he has improved on his IEP goals, so for now, I'll rely on what his teacher and aide have told me.  His teacher said he loves school and does very well.  He started making friends and really plays with them as opposed to just next to them.  He follows directions and stays put on his green square on the rainbow rug.  He loves to be a bell ringer or weather boy or soap squirter... whatever the job he gets, he does it well. 

Here are the bookmarks he gave to all his teachers, aides, and therapists.  They LOVED it.  We also gave a gift card to Borders Books to one teacher, gift card to Michaels Crafts to another, and some Bath and Body Works pocket hand sanitizers and sunflower seeds in a little pot to his aides.

Happy Summer!

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  1. Wow! That's tremendous progress in just six months! He's on fire!

  2. He's doing amazing! Way to go JM, I hope you have a great summer now that the sun is finally out! :)

  3. JM couldn't be any cuter!! I love hearing about all the new things he is learning :)

  4. Wow, I love how much growth he's had since being in preschool!!! Great job, JM!! And thanks for the teacher gift ideas. I know a lot of us out here are looking for some inspiration with that...

  5. He looks like he's ready to take on the world! Love the gifts for his teachers too!

  6. JM never ceases to amaze me... he's doing so awesome! And I absolutely LOVE the gifts you gave - might have to "borrow" some of those ideas ;-)

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