Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Emerging sense of humor...

With John Michael's growing spoken vocabulary of up to 4 word phrases, he is initiating conversation and really wanting to tell us things.  Through all this, his sense of humor is also really shining through.  It's so fun... this boy is seriously funny, and I'm thrilled that we're starting to see it.

Some mornings, when it's just too hard to wake him, I play a little game with him.  First, I wake up his arms by rubbing them and saying, "Wake up, arms".  Then we wake up his fingers, his legs, his toes, his tummy, his elbows, his nose, etc..  He LOVES this and before long is naming parts that I "forgot" to wake up.

Yesterday, I pretty much covered his whole body, including ears, hair, knees and back.  I said, "John Michael, is there anything else we need to wake up?"

"Yes (thess)," he said, with a huge smile. 

Lifting his arm high in the air, shouted, "Armpits!"

I laughed my head off. 
His huge, wonderful smile, much like in the photo below, showed me he was ready to start the day.

I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful! 

This was, by far, the best Mother's Day I've ever had!  Doug made reservations for all of us and his mom to go to my favorite restaurant, Il Fornaio, for Mother's Day brunch.  Such a treat!  The kids thoroughly enjoyed being spoiled at a nicer restaurant (our standard is Old Spaghetti Factory).

John Michael and Greta shared a huge waffle and orange juice, and my veggie frittata with mushrooms and asparagus was out of this world!

Luke had his first taste of orange juice.  I think the pucker tells everything  LOL!

After brunch, we strolled around the Galleria for a couple hours, doing a little shopping (something else we rarely ever do!).  So much fun!
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  1. Armpits, LOL now that is funny! So cute!

  2. LOL...JM is so cute! I cant tell you how much I have enjoyed following your blog this past year!

  3. Love your story on how you wake up John Michael, so sweet! Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  4. Just found your blog, I am also a convert tothe Catholic faith and a mother of 8children our last baby Malcolm was born April 8, 2011 and has Down Syndrome.I can't wait to read through more ofyour blog!Beautiful family!!