Thursday, April 28, 2011

Behavior issues...

For some time now, I've wondered if (when) we'd be faced with behavior issues with John Michael. 
It's been one of those "fears of the unknown"... a potential side effect of him having Down syndrome. 

In general, John Michael is as typical a boy as they come, and when he does get in trouble, I put him in time out.  When he's sat still for a few minutes, usually on the floor away from us, I explain what he did, tell him it was wrong, and then he has to apologize to the person he hurt, which is usually Greta or Luke.  Nothing extraordinary there, but that's how we handle it. 

Having a baby brother (Luke is almost 11 months old now), has had both a positive and, at times, a negative effect on John Michael. 

Here, John Michael was teaching Luke how to clap.  Luke could already do it, but it was more about following the leader that made it so sweet.  I could tell John Michael felt really big and proud that Luke was listening and following him.
But, I wouldn't be painting a true picture if I said life was always rosy with these two.  "Double Trouble" is what I call them when they're getting into stuff.  This next year will require extra doses of patience for sure!

There are plenty of times that John Michael shows his true stinker self and pokes, pushes, hits, or grabs a toy from Luke.  Oh, yes, my sweet angel of a boy can be a real stinker!  Here, I caught him red-handed as he poked Luke in the head!  And, no, that's not a smile... he's clenching his jaw tight...  Poor Luke!

And then there's the extra-rough LOVE he likes to show Luke.  Luke was actually kissing John Michael's cheek here with his sloppy, wet open mouth kisses.  So funny!  That baby is going to grow up to be tough, that's for sure! 

Makes me wonder if Luke is thinking...
"Where'd he go?  One minute he's poking me, the next he loves me!  Now he's gone..."


They even love to climb on BIG brother, Nic... a hulking nearly 6 ft tall, 13 year old who loves the "abuse."


Ultimately, John Michael is sweeter than he's not.  His preschool teacher told me today that he doesn't have a mean bone in his body (I laughed...) and that he's a perfect child in class.  Made me so happy, really.  I'm thrilled that he's so good at school.  I really think having a little brother is causing some jealousy and he's acting out since he can't properly express his feelings about it.  Then, after a moment, his teacher added that the only issue she sees with John Michael is that he is super fast with markers and can mark up things faster than she can catch him.  Other than that... he's a perfect angel.  

She's right... a perfect angel... most of the time.  :-)

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  1. I love it! So encouraging! People (experts, therapists) keep having a "just you wait" attitude about Eon that kind of scares me. Glad to know JM is pretty typical behaviorally. So far, Eon is very sweet with his baby sister. His 3yo brother is a whole 'nother ball game, though. :)

  2. so funny. William has a stinker side too but does get put in time out and that breaks his heart (usually) but he gets the point

  3. He is certainly the cutest angel around! I love your blog header- as always! Love John Michael's adorable little pudgy hands clasped behind his back:)

  4. LOL...I just loved this post! The pictures of the boys in the laundry basket are so cute...And older siblings are the best for climbing over!! You have some pretty awesome boys :)

  5. Love these pics!!! Aren't boys *always* little stinkers?? I wouldn't know, but I had boy cousins who were Trouble. Samantha doesn't have any major behavioral issues (time outs are awesome), but she gets really resistant about stuff and occasionally lashes out. Frustration and tiredness at the end of the day are usually the culprits, so I can hardly fault her. JM sounds pretty typical to me!

  6. I love stinkers!! and you got a cute one!! funny how kiddos are so good for others and save the good stuff for us! smiles