Monday, January 17, 2011

Foggy Day, Fun Day...

Once again, we're socked in the valley fog that has the ability to quickly turn our cheery dispositions into  melancholy and somber moods.  I KNOW if I lived in a rainy climate, I'd be investing in sky lights, solar light tubes and daylight bulbs.  I NEED the sun.  Hopefully, by this afternoon, the fog will lift and within moments of seeing and feeling the sun, it will be an instant mood-fixer.  If not, I'll have to turn on the Beatles... "Here Comes the Sun..."  That might help a bit!

But for now, I'm making the most of having the kids home on MLK, Jr Day.  Greta, full of her red-headed energy, is helping entertain John Michael in ways I never could've in my 40+ years.  She has more energy and enthusiasm than a jet engine.  Right now they're playing catch with large balloons and laughing...

Earlier, though, which prompted this new post, John Michael came to find me changing Luke's diaper to show me his latest creation. 
and he lifts up his Lego creation to show me.


Me:  "Wow, John Michael, I love it!  You have a boy and Kai Lan, and a baby cow"


(I write with exclamations, because he is literally so excited to show me.)

"Very cool, John Michael, I'm so proud of you!"

BIG grins!  I run to get my iPhone to snap a shot.

For the longest time, he would only build towers with Legos and is starting to use other pieces.


So we have a boy, a girl and a cow.  I guess we'll have a story to make up about that, later.

The fun didn't stop there... John Michael climbed up on Greta's bed and started playing with her Dora glasses, Disney Princess snow hat and cute scarf from her Kindergarten teacher.  I'll admit I helped with the glasses since he couldn't get them to stay on.  But check out my silly guy!  Love his smile!

Finally, Greta and John Michael decided they were taking their babies on a trip to Hawaii.  They grabbed the babies, climbed up on Anna's desk chair together, and were off on their airplane to Hawaii.

I'm envious!  I don't think I had such a vivid, playful imagination as a child.  Maybe I did.  But I love how these two have so much fun pretending to go places and take on different roles for the sake of fun.

As I sign off, I just saw John Michael running after Greta down the hall with Anna's 1st Communion purse on his arm while holding a baby in the other.  They don't always play dress-up and girl stuff... matter of fact, JM's most favorite thing to do is to play catch or kick balls and to play with his Matchbox cars.  But having two imaginative sisters keeps him well-rounded. 

Can't wait to see how he and Luke play together. 

I think this will be a fun year...


  1. I can't wait for Landon and Sutter to be big enough to play and enjoy each other! I love the dress up and I'm totally jealous that they are off to Hawaii. Maybe I'll pretend that's where I am today. Although I'm enjoying the's giving me an excuse not to go outside and cut back my roses! LOL

  2. I love seeing pictures of your family and your kids playing. Our second and third have wonderful "plays" together as well, complete with vivid and silly imaginations.

  3. We are also making the most of being inside lately. Indoor tents have taken the place of swing sets and watering cans as favorite toys! Thanks for taking the time to view my blog and make a comment. I am your newest blog follower! So thankful for other mamas I can relate to!

  4. Great imaginations! Even if the weather stayed gray outside, it sure brightened up inside!!