Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nicolas as Rolf in the Sound of Music

Nicolas takes on the role of Rolf in the Sound of Music for 4 performances this week.
I'm so proud of him!  This is a precious scene right after he sings "You are Sixteen Going on Seventeen" to Liesl.  Makes me teary every time!

Not so sweet anymore... Rolf has turned away from his Austrian heritage and is warning Maria and Liesl that if they know what's "good for them" they'll encourage Captain von Trapp to follow suit.
My daughter, Anna, plays Louisa in the play.  I hope to get some good photos of her and all the awesome costume changes soon!
If you're local, you can still see the full Broadway version of the musical tomorrow and Friday night at 6pm.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random updates on my belly, John Michael, Saving Sofia... and Nic's arrow wound.

Last Saturday evening, Doug and I attended our kids' school auction - decked out like a 1950's diner.  So fun!  Great decor, music, food...  I did my best to dress up like a 50's gal.  It's hard to hide that belly, that's for sure  :-)  Me at 33 weeks...  boy is this baby weighing me down!

John Michael at 29 months old.  Loving life!

Fun, fun!  We love this little park...

and so do his buddies. 

That's Joaquin (Three's a Charm) trying to stand up solo and Joey (Our Bundle of Joy) on his tummy on the leopard blanket.  Sheridan (Genetically Enhanced) is front, right and John Michael is in the middle of his other local buddies.  Here, we're all waiting to give Joaquin's mom, Jennifer, a travel gift for baby Sofia (Saving Sofia), a beautiful little girl they're adopting from the Ukraine who also has Down syndrome.   With all the uncertainty of that nasty Icelandic volcanic ash, they were finally able to leave yesterday and are now literally headed to the Ukraine from Kiev. 

Our gift to Jennifer was an afghan, lovingly crocheted by CJ Field of the T21 Traveling Afghan Project.  Each color represent was chosen by Sofia's little friends and held a symbolic meaning.  You can go to Saving Sofia blog to see each meaning.  John Michael's color for Sofia was white for purity and grace and ties all the other colors together. 

Jennifer and her husband, Hector, are going to get to see and hold their baby girl tomorrow for the first time since falling in love with her back in December on the same day as Jennifer's beloved grandmother passed away.  The amazing speed in which they accomplished all their paperwork, home study, fundraising and now travels were literally guided by the hand of God.  There's no other way to explain how everything has fallen into place.  Even the ash made way for them to fly, when it seemed like all hope was lost and they'd have to wait until June for another opportunity.

There have been so many wonderful things happening lately, I just can't keep up! 

Finally, here's the not so great...  the gash Nicolas got yesterday (before 3 stitches) at his Renaissance Faire.  He was working the archery station and was accidentally shot with an arrow while retrieving other arrows from the field.  When he stood up, he was struck 1 centimeter from his eye by a blunt, metal-tipped arrow!  Poor boy!  He's still sore today, but has been quite a trooper, taking his battle wound like a man!   

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My big girl...

Dear Greta,
You made quite a scene with your red hair when you burst into this world 5 years ago today.  You stole our hearts with your bright smile and cheerful blue eyes.

You are a sweet, bright, wonderful BIG girl now and we're so proud of you. You are John Michael's biggest buddy, therapist, advocate and you have so much to look forward to in your life.  You're also a great little sister and Nic says the house would be too quiet without you in our family. Anna loves you sooooo much and loves that she has a singing/dancing sister in the house, as well as a willing student for when she plays school.  I can't wait until you meet your newest little brother.  I'm sure he's already heard you talking to him  :-)

Happy Birthday to you, our sweet Miss Greta Sunshine!
Minutes before the dress-up/tea party begins... modeling the dress Mommy sewed up for you.

A table set for a princess...

The menu... Butterfly-shaped Nutella tea sandwiches, strawberry/grape skewers, Colby Jack cheese cubes, Pirouette white chocolate strawberry cookies, and pink princess cupcakes, served with fruit punch "tea"? Yum! What a beautiful princess!

Having a mid-week birthday means several celebrations.  Here's the cupcake "cake" I made for her for the family celebration.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -- "Knuckle me..."

John Michael is loving having his older sibs, Nic (12 1/2) and Anna (10 1/2) home on Easter break.

What could be more fun than big brother flipping you upside down?

"Knuckle me..."

(or in John Michael's words... "Doooo")

Looks like the boys are telling Anna, our resident photographer, "NO MORE PHOTOS!"
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Goin' on an Easter egg hunt... Happy Easter!

We enjoyed 2 Easter egg hunts today. One this morning in the park... John Michael was all smiles and loving choosing his eggs.

And, one at home... He caught on really quickly.

Big sis, Greta, found a bunch, too.

And now that Lent is officially over... let the candy-eating begin!
Nic and Anna enjoyed the "big kid" candy, while John Michael tasted a few M&Ms and Goldfish cracker-stuffed eggs.

I hope you and your family enjoy a beautiful Easter Sunday tomorrow, celebrating the Resurrection of Our Lord. It doesn't get any better than that!
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