Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random updates on my belly, John Michael, Saving Sofia... and Nic's arrow wound.

Last Saturday evening, Doug and I attended our kids' school auction - decked out like a 1950's diner.  So fun!  Great decor, music, food...  I did my best to dress up like a 50's gal.  It's hard to hide that belly, that's for sure  :-)  Me at 33 weeks...  boy is this baby weighing me down!

John Michael at 29 months old.  Loving life!

Fun, fun!  We love this little park...

and so do his buddies. 

That's Joaquin (Three's a Charm) trying to stand up solo and Joey (Our Bundle of Joy) on his tummy on the leopard blanket.  Sheridan (Genetically Enhanced) is front, right and John Michael is in the middle of his other local buddies.  Here, we're all waiting to give Joaquin's mom, Jennifer, a travel gift for baby Sofia (Saving Sofia), a beautiful little girl they're adopting from the Ukraine who also has Down syndrome.   With all the uncertainty of that nasty Icelandic volcanic ash, they were finally able to leave yesterday and are now literally headed to the Ukraine from Kiev. 

Our gift to Jennifer was an afghan, lovingly crocheted by CJ Field of the T21 Traveling Afghan Project.  Each color represent was chosen by Sofia's little friends and held a symbolic meaning.  You can go to Saving Sofia blog to see each meaning.  John Michael's color for Sofia was white for purity and grace and ties all the other colors together. 

Jennifer and her husband, Hector, are going to get to see and hold their baby girl tomorrow for the first time since falling in love with her back in December on the same day as Jennifer's beloved grandmother passed away.  The amazing speed in which they accomplished all their paperwork, home study, fundraising and now travels were literally guided by the hand of God.  There's no other way to explain how everything has fallen into place.  Even the ash made way for them to fly, when it seemed like all hope was lost and they'd have to wait until June for another opportunity.

There have been so many wonderful things happening lately, I just can't keep up! 

Finally, here's the not so great...  the gash Nicolas got yesterday (before 3 stitches) at his Renaissance Faire.  He was working the archery station and was accidentally shot with an arrow while retrieving other arrows from the field.  When he stood up, he was struck 1 centimeter from his eye by a blunt, metal-tipped arrow!  Poor boy!  He's still sore today, but has been quite a trooper, taking his battle wound like a man!   

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  1. OK the eye...gross me out, so glad it was not closer to his eye
    JM is getting so big, looks like a big boy
    you look so cute with your pregnant tummy sounds like you have been busy

  2. First, you look awesome! Second, I am so sad I am not a part of that amazing play group :(
    Third, I CANT BELIEVE they are visiting their baby girl....I guess I need to be checking the Sophia blog!!!!!!! How exciting and wonderful!
    I am sure your life is full, glad to read the updates...JM looks so happy (and big) and Nicolas, tell him scars rock!:)

  3. Looking great at 33 are almost there!! I have to say I am so happy for you and your family...there are LOTS of great things going on!! smiles

  4. i agree, you look so great! looks like you all had a nice day at the park:) it's so lucky that didn't hit nicolas eye.

  5. There's two words I hope never to have to put together in my blog- arrow and wound! Glad it missed the eye, John Michael is such a big growing boy, and Mumma, you are definitely growing too ;) Looking great too though.

  6. You look so darling Monica!!! Love the 50's preggo outfit! DARLING!!!

  7. Ohhhh, his eye! Yikes, he was lucky.

    The playdate looks like it was a lot of fun, and you look fabulous!

  8. you look great! JM is so darn cute and such a big boy. love that park you all get to have fun with friends at.

  9. An arrow to the eye? Yikes!

    You look great BTW and John Michael is gorgeous as always.